Happy anniversary to me

1 year this week since this crapola made an unwelcome appearance. Certainly better than I was then, but I want the 100% darn it!!! :smiley:

Seeing the GP tomorrow to get a referral to John Waterston in Melb and hopefully a script for prothiaden

Gah…SO over MAV :evil:

I’m at a year and a half…so I feel your pain. :slight_smile:
Hoping the Prothiaden works for you…my latest thought is small amount of neurontin…got a script in my hand and now just wonder about pulling the trigger…doesn’t it feel like that sometimes?

Yes indeed it does

I know it’s a bit pathetic whinging when other have had this crap a lot longer, but I’m just not feeling that stoic this week :lol:

Have you seen Waterston yet?

Nope - hope to get a referral today - it will be next year for sure before I get an appointment


You may recall I’m on Prothiaden myself. I’m getting great migraine results for it (but I’m really pissed off about the weight gain and libido issues. Am still in a torment of indecision as to what, if anything I should do about it). Anyway - can you get a script from your GP? There’s not much in the way of risks or side effects with it so a GP shouldn’t have a problem starting you off on 25mg. What do you think?


Hi Vic,

I got a prothiaden script and a referral to Waterston in Melbourne from the GP yesterday. She had no issues with proscribing prothiaden as it’s in the same class as AMi which she prescribed before. I will probably start on 1/2 tablet once I get he script filled to try and manage any initial side effects I might have.

I’m going to stay on the beta-blockers though - she said that was no prob and was happy for me to do that and try the prothiaden while I wait for an appointment in Melb - bound to be next year at this stage

will let you know how I go - thanks for the advice

Good luck Gabrielle - keeping my fingers crossed for you.