Has anyone been diagnosed with MDDS? Sounds more like me

I was diagnosed with MAV in January and have been struggling to combat that since then. I didn’t even know of the existence of MDDS until looking through these forums and seeing it mentioned. Surprisingly, this sounds exactly like me - the constant, relentless, 24/7 swaying/rockiness/false sense of movement, whether I’m sitting, standing, or laying down. The telltale sign of MDDS seems to be that sufferers feel better when they’re in a moving car or any vehicle, and this seems to be MY case. I don’t feel one hundred percent better, but I feel better, certainly. So I’m just wondering, could it still be MAV that I have with all the symptoms I just described, or does it sound more like I’m an MDDS case? Is anyone here a diagnosed sufferer of MDDS?

Also, all the research I’ve seen from Hain’s website and others indicates that sufferers of MDDS almost always got it after a prolonged cruise out at sea or flights. I’ve never been on a prolonged cruise out at sea, but I did go on a short three or four hour boat ride this past August. If I recall correctly, September or October is around the time my rockiness/swaying started getting extremely noticeable.

I’m certainly going to bring this up with my neurologist when I see him this upcoming Tuesday, but I’m wondering what people here in the forums think about swaying/rockiness/false sense of motion symptoms. Does it indicate MDDS, or is that still common for MAV folks?


Yes. Have heard both from my docs.


MDDS is rare and there are many people here who deal with constant dizziness and constant non rotational vertigo. I am one of them myself. Have you tried a benzodiazepine? These are the only meds which help me with that accursed rocking sensation.

It seems a lot of people with MAV do get better eventually with diet and the right meds, but there are still quite a few members of this forum who have seemingly been here for years without any relief, after trying every med and technique imaginable. Perhaps these cases are actually MdDS cases?

I have these symtpoms and i have migraine not mdds - i didn’t ever go on a boat or anythign which could have caused mdds. You can have these symtpoms and have migraine vertigo.

I would think that a 3-4 hour boat ride would be enough to set off MDDS.
Are you experiencing MDDS or MAV?
MDDS is not well understood, but some believe it is a form of vestibular migraine. Also, many MDDS patients respond well to migraine treatments.