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Has anyone combined nortriptyline with an SNRI/SSRI?

Has anyone combined nortriptyline with an SNRI/SSRI? Just wondering if it’s ever an option, haven’t met with my doctor yet to discuss.

I’m sure somebody somewhere will have however the two taken together. From memory @blueberry0 was doing so. According to papers I’ve read doing so can increase the risk of serotonin syndrome which can be serious. I don’t pretend to fully understand the theory behind it. Dr Hain doesn’t recommend taking two drugs of the same class for MAV prevention. Both these are Antidepressants albeit one is tricyclic and the other SNRI/SSRI. From what I understand taking the latter can stop the former working correctly.

I believe @GetBetter might take a similar combo, Amitriptyline and Venlafaxine?


I do! I am on 45 nortriptyline and 37.5 effexor. The idea was that behind it was that i increase the effexor and decrease the nort. That never happen lol.
been on the combo for 2 years trying to get off the nort


So you find them both helpful? Or is it just hard to get off nort with side effects?

My thought in adding an snri is to help with the anxiety of it all, being on 30mg nortriptyline does not help with that :slight_smile:

I had not much help with nortriptyline, I saw a real difference with the effexor meanwhile I didn’t want to change anything as I got better quite fast


But you are having trouble getting off it? May I ask in what way.

No trouble for now, just a little scared, trying to figure out how to get off it with minor side effects

Had some vague memory of you trying to quit once before and going back up? So you difn’t think Niri and Venlafaxine worked well for you as a combo then?

I m fed up of the meds, it’s been more than 2 years on it so I wanted to try and get one out of the way and who knows try another one if needed? Effexor for now stays … that 's going to be hard to stop