Has anyone else had this with MAV?

One of my oddest, strangest issues with my MAV:

When I am symptomatic, I feel a throbbing sensation in my left ear (never the right one…althoguh the right plays it’s role in terms of ringing tinnuitis and pressure changes

The throbbing in the ear does not hurt…it would look like a pissed off nerve shaking something at me (if I actually knew what it was :smiley:

This happens after any kind of vestibular activity…ie. simply catching baseballs with my daughter.

So…does anyone else get this throbbing , deep rooted pulsating in one ear during symptomatic periods?

If so…why? I thought that MAV is a neuro issue that effects both sides of the brain equally.

What gives?

Todd, in very, very cold and very, very snowy Spokane, Washington. Free snow…just bring your shovel to my house. No charges for my friends :smiley:

Todd, my ears don’t do the same thing which I know is hard to get a handle on at times. My right ear is full all the time but when really symptomatic my left gets full too.

All the sensations an ear can feel (tingling, itchiness, full, ache, pain, etc.) I get but not necessarily in both ears at the same time.

Scott or others here will probably have a medical reason why this happens.

Have you guys looked at meniere’s disease? The fullness and throbbing in the ears are very common symptoms of this disease…however meniere’s usually passes after a few years when the vestibular nerve has 100% damage and then brain can then recompensate fully…

Meniere’s is out for me right now for 2 reasons:

1 - No tested hearing loss even though I have hearing issues and distortion

2 - So many more symptoms than the defined Meniere’s symptoms.

I have 24/7 issues…although the severity level changes like the wind.

I do not have “major” attacks and then feel ok afterwards like a meniere’s patient.

Constant brain fog, tinnuitis, pressure in ears, drunken feeling, trouble concentrating, can’t do stores, busy patterns whack my eyes out, and on and on and on. :?

I do not know what else would cause 24/7 symptoms…ughh


Todd so sorry you are suffering so. I’m right there with you. i don’t have constant dizziness right now but everything else you describe. they ruled out menieres on me earlier this year. I thought that is what i had for years!


HI Todd,
and welcome! I, too, have the 24/7 lightheadedness, “off” feeling, not good in stores or patterned carpets etc…I saw Dr. Hain in Chicago, although I live in Las Vegas. I think it’s good to get an official diagnoses, however, I have found the info on this site to be my most powerful too. I end up educating my doctors, and I’m lucky to have the ones I do. They listen and are willing to let me try different med combos as long as they make sense. For me, I tried to do the whole lifestyle route with diet etc…but I needed to take meds to finally get a break. I fought it for a long time, and I finally realized I was being a drain on my friends and family, and wanted to be myself again. I’m pretty good now, although I am on a few medications. I hate taking them, but I hate MAV more…
Good luck with your appt. With your positive attitude to beat this thing, you will get it under control!

Hi Todd
I had a chronic throbbing, fullness in my left ear for a long time. It’s finally dissipated and only comes back when I’ve gone past my threshold on foods, etc. and am in full on dizziness (migraine) episode. I, too, had been diagnosed with Meniere’s earlier this year but I figured out this fall that I didn’t fit the profile. My allergist referred me to a neurologist who changed my diagnosis to migraine variant. I take topamax which has dulled most of the ear fulless/pain/throbbing weirdness along with 70-90% of the dizziness. Still dealing with some of it on bad food or weather days. And I also have heavy seasonal allergies which I believe contribute to all this as well.

Could this be pulsating tinnitus, I’ve had this before over the years but only during my bad attacks.

Go Gonzaga,

I have “similar” throbbing issues with my ears. I can’t say that it happens after activities as you describe. Most of the time these days it just happens spontaneously. Before I got my diet under control, that was the first reaction to eating the wrong food, usually within minutes of eating said food. I am working with a dual diagnoses of MAV and meniere’s though. I would point you towards looking into a possibility of both as well, but I’m still not 100% convinced that I have meniere’s for many reasons.

I had pain, fullness and pressure in my right ear all summer. My neurotologist said that it was a manifestation of MAV. As soon as I started Nortripytline the ear symptoms went away - Lisa