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Has anyone ever quit their office job because of this?

I’ve been out of the office, dog sitting for 4 days. My dizziness at 1230 when I walked back into the office was non existent.

4 hours later, I can barely walk. It must be the computer and lights.

Has anyone ever given up their office based job or job that involves computers and/or artificial lighting and retrained or gone into something that takes them away from a desk and or an office environment? Did you notice any difference in your symptoms?


mm have you ever tried those tinted computer glasses that people on here use?

I’ve been thinking about this same subject quite a bit. I had a six week leave of absence and when I came back to work the 2nd week of October the dizziness and other symptoms all got worse. A little better balanced now but still worse than when I was at home.
BTW - I just ordered prescription glasses with the FL-41 tint to try and alleviate some of the effects of the lights & computer.

could it be the stress of the job also playing a part?
I find the office, computer and lights a problem, but also i wonder if the commute is a problem.

Trouble is i dont think there are loads of jobs these days that dont involve PCs or artificial lighting.

I had to quit my job as office manager because of this condition. I didn’t understand triggers at that time, but looking back I believe the computer screen and lighting had much to do with my problems, plus the constant motion of looking up and down, turning from computer to desk to filing cabinet, reaching for the phone, etc. It was very difficult for me to function and present a professional attitude when my brain was trying so hard to keep me upright. That was six years ago, and overall I’m better than I was four or five years ago. I still have issues but since I don’t have to be on the job, I am free to do what I need to do to get relief – or at least make the situation tolerable.

I agree that the commute could be a problem and definitely started the day off wrong. Climbing stairs or taking the elevator wasn’t easy either. But the main stress reliever for me after quitting was the absence of guilt because I’d been letting my boss down.

Best wishes to you.

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Yeah, the stress contributes definitely. But mainly I am sure it’s the lighting and computers.

I am convinced if I worked in a garden or outdoors some how I would be ok. But that involves retraining, starting on a much lower salary… I can barely function and survive on the one I’m on.


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I’m on leave from work at the moment, I had to take a break as it was getting too much for me.

I don’t think the computer is the problem for me, but it’s literally just the action of sitting for long periods of time at my desk. I get up for regular breaks & do some stretches, but it only gives very temporary relief.

When I sit I can feel the muscles in my face & neck tensing up and getting tight, then the dizziness kicks in. I try to make sure my posture is good, and that my desk is arranged in a way that is right for posture, but it doesn’t seem to help. I feel much better away from my desk, but my vision is weird to different levels very day, so I don’t think that I could handle an outdoors jobs either, especially one that would involve a busy environment like looking at all the different plants in a garden lol!

The same happens when I sit to read, or eat, or sit playing on my ipad. I think that the muscles in my jaw are a big part of the problem and they’re constantly flaring up. Am thinking I will go ask my dentist for some help with the jaw stuff, and possibly even physio specifically for TMJ or neck problems.

yes i was a teacher haven’t worked for 7 years.

— Begin quote from __"LOVE"__*

Honeybee, what about some muscle relaxers? You might even learn more about what else you can do once the tenseness (is that a word?) eases up

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I don’t know very much about drugs, and have never tried a muscle relaxant before (except Xanax once upon a time, but I really didn’t like how I felt on it), can you take them on a regular basis though? My GP has prescribed me propranolol two weeks ago but I’m trying to work up the courage to take them. I have not technically been diagnosed with VM, so she is trying this based on my symptoms and opinion from my VRT therapist.

Yes. i lost my job in an office when this started.

Yes I quit my job as a solicitor after a year of having this x

Jem / Whosthatchick - are you back working now?

No, afraid not Cath x

I am on my 4th medical leave since coming down with this 3 and 1/2 years ago. It is unlikely I will be returning to the same job as it is such extensive computer use and more than I can handle. I have been on leave since March and If I went back today I would be right back as bad as I was when I left in March. I do better when not subjected to the computer 8 hours a day without hardly any breaks. I don’t think I have it in me to try and do it anymore. I tired to make it work for three years. I am working on trying to get into graduate school, into a profession that will involve some computer use but in much more limited manner.

Working from home Cath but have had to go freelance so making very little money… i am confident that with the right meds and an understanding employer, i could return x

I’m still working, but trying to work 2 days at home, 2 days in the office - seems to help.

Cath, do you use the computer for the same amount of hours at home as you do in the office, and find you’re overall better at home?

i actually probably use the computer less at home than at work - better at having breaks at home. I dont think the commute nor the lighting in the office help me too so by working at home i think i reduce my exposure to triggers but dont eliminate completely.
I have currently spent about 2months or so not using my MacBook Air as i remember Scott saying he had major problems with it - i am definetly of feeling better since, but not 100% sure i can put it down to the non use of the Apple.
Time of the month for me so not so good at the mo so might well work at home tomorrow.
hope you are ok?

I have spent almost 6 months off sick over the last 3 years with VN/VM including almost 80 days this year alone. I’ve been off sick again since yesterday because the horrible lighting in the office eventually caused me to go into the small, windowless first aid/prayer room where I do my VRT, turn off the light and lie down on the floor. I went home shortly after.

For me it’s that i can sit on my bed or on the sofa at home - not upright in a chair at a desk which i find alot harder…also i guess i’m more used to my home laptop x