Has anyone had a colonoscopy while having MAV?

I’m am going to have a colonoscopy in three weeks because I have started to be constipted or irregular(bowels now every 3 days than every day) after Xmas break for some reason. I don’t think it’s my medds because I have been on Nortrip 20mg everynight since the summer and constipation/irregularities started after xmas break. I think the prep for the procedure the day before might make me dizzy or very light headed since I will be fasting and drinking some galon solution to empty my bowels. How was ya’lls experience being a Maver? Thank you in advance.

I’ve been through the constipation side effect from ami in the past, not on it anymore. But in the last month I’ve been having stomach cramps regularly and up into the bottom of my rib cage. Thinking maybe my stomach had just had enough of the dozens of vitamins I’m taking, I went off them, I’m slowly seeing some improvement and plan to be back on them soonish. Have you tried slippery elm that really helped with constipation or coloxyl with senna? Or even probiotics to improve gut health?
I’ve been contemplating doing the gallbladder flush, but you have to fast for 21 hours only drinking homemade freshly squeezed apple juice, but concerned about my headache due to lack of food. I’ve read some good things about how the gallbladder flush helps improve the gut function, have you considered doing a flush to see if that can help move the bowels along wihtout needing the colonoscopy?

Not to discourage you, but I had one last year. The preparation I was given was about a gallon of sodium (I think it was sodium sulphate) mixed with some sort of lemonade sugar drink. The preparation followed by dehydration the next day produced a horrible spiral of migraine episodes. I didn’t feel like I was back to my baseline for more than 10 days.

I later learned that there are a variety of preparations, some of which are much less horrible. I have been on a low sodium diet, and I suspect that the volume of sodium introduced into my system was part of my problem.

If I had it to do over again, I would talk to my doctor about vestibular migraine and see if I could have different preparation. I spoke with someone who only had to take pills instead of drinking such a large volume of chemicals.

I would also just prepare yourself for some downtime afterwards in case you need it.

I had a colonoscopy last July, my “prep” was miralax and dulcolax tablets. Besides getting a bit of a hunger headache because you’re not allowed to eat I really didn’t have any issues at all.

I am planning for an upcoming first time colonoscopy as well. People who are susceptible for migraine conditions are usually at higher risk for gastrointestinal stuff as well, like IBS, constipation etc…90% of serotonin receptors are in the gut, so it would only make sense that it would be part of the problem.
Nori is certainly a culprit for constipation, as are a host of other migraine meds, unfortunately. I have a big problem with it, from my meds, which is why I want to do the test.
I was told there is a certain prep that is basically a bunch of magnesium, which is great for us since it is calming…and does cause the bowels to really clean out. IF you aren’t already taking magnesium, Iwould suggest it as part of your regimen for migraine prevention.

Best of luck!