Has anyone had a piercing since they have had VM?

I got my nose pierced this afternoon.

4 hours later I’ve just noticed that my cheek, ear and up to my temple are all really numb and tingly like when you go the dentist and have an injection.

It kind of feels like ants crawling over my head now.

I have never had this as a migraine symptoms and I’ve had loads, so I know it must be because of the piercing.

I am a bit scared though.

My left ear has been playing up in the past week, kept going deaf a bit.

Should I worry basically is the question??? Has anyone had a nose piercing whilst having all this mav crap?


Never had a nose piercing, but I have had several cartilage piercings done since. Other than a wee bit of dizziness laying down for the procedure, I didn’t have any other issues. If your numbness and tingling doesn’t improve soon, I would see a doctor. Could the piercer have nicked a nerve?