Has anyone heard of Celliant?

Has anyone heard of Celliant? It is a material that supposedly helps improve sleep quality/injury recovery time

I’m not going to lie. I am suspicious but I am open to trying anything that helps. This material is an FDA “determined” product and supposedly converts body heat to infrared energy. Supposedly this helps cells in your body get more oxygen. They claim this material helps people get more sleep and recovery quicker from exercise and injuries.

Naturally I am a skeptic. It seems questionable, but at the same time there is a lot of money behind it.

I am in need of a new mattress and there’s a memory foam mattress Costco sells that has it (12” Overnight Recovery™ Gel Memory Foam Mattress - Queen – Novaform).

Here is more info: https://celliant.com/

Never heard of it and their website doesn’t seem to give any actual facts about it either. Just spell. Advertising blurb from what I could see. I responded because initially I thought you might be referring to this new cellular structured mattresses which were actually invented in my part of the World, South West England awhile ago and now look set to take off as they are so easy to sterilise for use in pandemics. They are incredibly thin and look like large egg trays. I don’t suppose there can be a connection. Or could there be?