Has anyone heard of Cervical Vertigo? Difficulty Driving?

In my quest to find out further while driving makes me so dizzy (see last post of mine), I found this interesting article by Dr Hain about Cervical Vertigo. Could it be that I and others here who can’t drive have? Hmm.


Thoughts? Insights?

When I went to vestibular rehab the VRT people said that they use a massager on a persons head and back of the neck, and if they become dizzy then it is a positive for cervicogenic dizziness.

Thanks for that information.

Do you know if it’s treatable?

Well, it would depend on exactly what is causing the problem. Typically it is seen more in folks with whiplash injuries. Some people have blood vessels into the head that aren’t clear enough. Physical therapy to strengthen the neck can help. Sometimes surgery might be needed if something is way out of whack, etc. I have difficulty driving and it is due to all the visual stimuli and not the movement of my neck. I do have arthritis in my neck and pain in the muscles. The VRT did help some and I think I am going to start doing some of the exercises again to see if it helps. They massaged my neck at therapy and I did exercises and that probably was part of it also. Everything is so interconnected…migraine can give you neck and shoulder pain and neck and shoulder pain can lead into a migraine. Tough cookie this stuff.

I couldnt use a massager on my neck, it made me dizzy. I found this article interesting, but same old thing, they cant really diagnose it properly and they havent really got a cure for it, seems like everything I get nowadays is the same :frowning:

One thing that is for sure, I wouldnt let anyone mess around with my neck. The squashed arteries sounds plausible, when I had a neck massage years ago, she stretched my neck up and to the right and I got vertigo.


Hi – check out this post. There was an abstract I posted on this here: