Has anyone tried medical marijuana for their mav?

I was thinking about trying medical marijuana to help with my symptoms and wondered if anyone else here has tried it? If so, did it help or not?


I actually can’t smoke anymore, not that I used to do it a lot before. But it seems I’ve become a lot more sensitive to smoke

Thanks for the reply.

I know it’s not legal in some places, but it is here in California if you have obtain a medical marijuana card.

I need to try other things because I have been in bed way too much with this disorder. I’ve tried so many conventional medications and a few friends have told me I should try the medical marijuana route. I guess it couldn’t hurt at this point.

Have you done the diet?

Have you tried a Migraine-Preventive Medication like: Tricyclic Antidepressants, Calcium Channel Blockers, Beta Blockers, etc.?

As a disclaimer I’m obviously not a doctor, but I’m guessing yours haven’t been much help at all.

I saw Dr. Baloh at UCLA a year ago and was diagnosed with MAV then. He basically told me that there was nothing else he could do for me because I had tried all the meds, diet, etc. that he would have done. I have been at a loss since then. My regular physician was also helping me to try all sorts of different things, but she left the practice in December and I have to start all over with a regular physcian again. I went to one and she had never heard of MAV, so she couldn’t offer any help.

It is now legal in my state. And I’ve been giving it some serious consideration. Would like to hear from someone else who tried it first. I’m chicken. :mrgreen:

If you try it, make sure to take a very very small amount first and then wait a couple of hours. Then try again with a little more the next day if all goes well. Dont sit and toke a lot and then let it hit you all at once.

I have only very bad experiences with weed which I tried and triggered extreme vertigo (first and only time ive ever tried it). It was the culprit that triggered mdds for me. But I dont even know if I have mav on top of my mdds so I dont think you should be too discouraged by my experience.

Hi Irish girl have you tried nortryptoline or pregabolin or gabapentin maybe worth a go x

I smoke daily but recently noticed it making me more dizzy. I personally like the indicator strains for their calming qualities. I believe it`s the actual pressure from the smoke causing the additional dizziness. I have since switched to a vaporizer and am enjoying the calming effects of the plant again.

“Indica”-sorry self typing thinging!!

Donna, I am a woman in my 60’s and currently use medical marijuana. My prescription that I use daily is almost totally CBD which does not have psychogenic properties. I have to stay clear headed in my work and private life. I have been using it for about 4 months and it is in the form an edible, somewhat like a tootsie roll where I can break off a piece. Almost from day one it gave me a feeling of calmness even when having a vertigo attack. I feel that is been its primary benefit. I had horrible anxiety and panic attacks, never knowing when migraines would wipe me out and send me to bed…so many events had to be cancelled or suffered through. They are pretty much gone. I am no longer on Celexa. I cannot say it helped the vertigo, but occasionally I will add a small amount of THC and that has helped headaches. I used it before I started Nortriptyline and a rigorous migraine diet so I can address marijuana only benefits. Just be careful to not start using anything other than with a small amount of THC or you will have a bad experience…tolerance needs to build up. Cheril

I have been following this website for about a year and still not diagnosed however mav is fitting a lot of symptoms. I finally signed up because i may be of help here. Every thing will be strain specific for me personally i had to stop smoking blunts and switched to joints and edibles because i believe the tobacco in the blunts triggered me(a healthier choice i had been intending to do before the symptoms)& other than cannabis i dont smoke. A lot of people will guide you based on indica and sativa strains however i believe the experience has more to do with the terpine profiles of the plant so you have to experiment and start with small doses especially when eating. Eating thc converts to 11-hydroxy thc in the liver and has a stronger and longer lasting effect so i cant stress self titration enough. their is an app called leafly that rates strains based on what people think their effects are as well as medical benefits it is a good place to start since medicine is way behind on this due to prohibition. I do find some relief in cannabis, although better my symptoms still exist and i did completely ditch caffine witch i heavily consumed so i can not say for sure why i have improved however cannabis is a known neural pathway protector(https://www.medicaljane.com/2013/07/23/study-shows-thc-can-help-encourage-neuroplasticity/) Just one of many study’s. Do your own research i don’t want to be accused of cherry picking research. So i will continue using it and best of luck to those who still live in a prohibition state.

Any strains you prefer to avoid increased dizziness?