Has anyone tried Piracetam?

I’ve had MAV for about 10 years, treating it mostly with lifestyle and mental health interventions.

I’ve been considering taking Piracetam to try and improve my cognitive performance, as brain fog from the vertigo lately is making it harder for me to pay attention in meetings at work and be present with my family.

I experimented with Modafinil which is VERY effective at eliminating brain fog, but unfortunately Modafinil also increases anxiety and gives me insomnia, so I’m looking for something with less of a “stimulant” effect.

I was doing some research and surprisingly it looks like Piracetam actually treats all forms of vertigo:

I couldn’t find much about it here, does anyone have any experience with the substance?

Aside from vertigo, did it have a positive effect on your mental performance?


Piracetam is considered as a Vestibular Suppressant for (brief) use in acute vertigo. As prolonged use of vestibular suppressants prevents central compensation it’s unlikely to be commonly prescribed for people with chronic long-term conditions such as MAV taking preventatives. Probably why you couldn’t find much.

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Helen, it is a Nootropic. Not sure about the vestibular suppressant aspect of it. I had taken it for a while and it did nothing to help or hurt.

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Never taken it myself but read up about all the racetams to enhance cognition. I found the ‘Mr Happy Stack’ worked well or Theanine with caffeine. I also got clarity with Vinpocetine but after 2019 it was hard to come by.

It’s possible the Gabapentin in my system is dulling more than just my nerve pain. What is Mr. Happy Stack?

Well this is why I don’t take medication (although understand perfectly why people do and should in cases) because they usually impair brain function being anticholinergic or by reducing monoamines. I go in the opposite direction and take choline to support the nervous system.

MHS is a popular ‘stack’ in the nootropics community comprising of:

Uridine Monophosphate
Choline (Alpha GPC)
B Vitamins

It was created on the back of a drink that was produced to aid in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s… which if you’re taking anticholinergics is more likely.


You are so crazy smart. I often wish you’d put on a lecture series. I mean not now. I’m an idiot at the moment, but later when I’m not deliberately trading brain function for pain relief. Every time you choose to share I’m fascinated by what you have to say and the vast knowledge you’re distilling. I want to hear that knowledge.

I’m not. I just read like my life depends on it lol
I’ve tried so much but I refrain from sharing because I’m not fixed. However, there are supplements and lifestyle tweaks that can help for sure.

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What’s fixed got to do with it? You’re so adorably type A. I want you to start a diary and share your research. I don’t care a whit about results. I like the knowledge, the theory and the process. Your mind is fun to watch and you never know what the hive mind here might come up with if we were all sharing our research and theories. At the least the geeks among us would get to indulge our nerdy selves and dive into some juicy research. I personally would love to hear all your various theories and paths of thought.


That was the conclusion I reached. I read it up a bit as I hadn’t ever heard of it before or the word ‘Nootropic’. I checked Dr Hain then another site where the was my conclusion. Maybe incorrect. Can’t link from little Android so will research it later.

I am like @Andy I read as if my life depends on it!