Has anyones VM improved after the Covid Vaccine?

This is probably going to be a controversial post. One month ago I had the second dose of my Astrazeneca vaccine and for around 2.5-3 weeks I experienced a wide array of wacky and nasty side effects, but none of them VM related.

Since the day after receiving the jab, my VM symptoms have significantly improved, almost gone completely at times. My journey started in March 2019 and I finally experienced what “normal” feels like again. It felt surreal. I was, and still am baffled and confused. I dont know if it will be temporary or more long lasting.

I told my physiotherapist about it, but she completely dismissed it on the spot.

Probably a long shot…but has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have any sliver of potential explanation for what’s going on? My only potential theory is that my body has been so focused on creating Covid antibodies that maybe its diverted its “resources” or focus. Alternatively, is there something in the vaccine which has helped correct an imbalance in my body? I dont know…

I didn’t have any vaccine related side effects. It is my perception that my VM has gotten worse, but I don’t think it’s vaccine related.

I read this when it first appeared in February.

Might be an answer or just maybe it was your brain diverting your attention away towards the reaction to the Covid jab that’s doing it. The more attention VM symptoms get the more they seem to thrive and the worse they seem. No doubt if you asked a doctor they’d say it’s just coincidence.


This is awesome, thanks for sharing. Re-affirms my hypothesis. As the article says, my VM symptoms got turned off like a tap, the very next day. Despite having 3 weeks of nasty side effects (including 2 hospital visits), the VM symptoms remained very low. Nothing else has changed in my life - I was actually having a very stressful time due to work aswell. Definitely needs further scientific research.

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