Has Turmeric helped you? How'd you take it?

The supplement poll said 14% of people found it helped.

Did it help with dizziness?

How do you take it and how much?


i take curcumin (which is the active ingredient of turmeric) as it was recommended by a dietician.

it hasn’t made me worse.

but honestly, i’m taking so many different things from meds to supplements to herbal remedies that i have zero idea if any single one of them is helping.

that said, overall i’m definitely improving, is it the meds? is it the supplements? is it the lifestyle changes? who knows? maybe they’re all helping 5%, and all the 5%s add up…

How do you take it and how own much? Like do you chop up a tablespoon and have with food or do you take a 50mg pill once a day with food at breakfast or ? Thanks!

it’s a large yellow pill, once or twice a day. can’t remember the dosage - i’ll check it when i find the bottle.

I have a ginger turmeric tulsi tea (tea bag)

I was recommended curcumin but haven’t noticed a difference (I’m not on any meds atm though as my previous ones affected my mental health)