have been following migraine diet ... any suggestions?

was recently diagnosed with migraines after experiencing headaches, dizziness and tinnitus and have been following migraine diet and now have diarrhea but afraid to take probiotics since they are fermented

any suggestions? thanks so much,


Hi Steph. As far as I know, probiotics are not prohibited at all on the migraine diet. I’m wondering why you would habe diarrhea all of a sudden from making the few dietary changes, though…did you previously eat yogurt which contained probiotics? Or maybe the elimination of artificial sweeteners eliminated some of your sources for hydration?

My neurotologist gave me the migraine diet list to try while I wait to see a neurologist (my appointment is in September). Have you tried having yogurt but still avoiding coffee, alcohol, MSG, etc.? Remember it’s not an exact science! In fact my doc was like, “Eh, well, you can try this…see if it helps”…

Sorry. Have to disagree here. You could certainly get diarrhoea from making a few dietary changes although I’d suspect moving straight and totally to the MAV diet would for most people involve alot more than a FEW dietary changes. It would be a shock to the digestive system which in a MAVer would probably already be wound up by the condition. It’s amazing how sensitive some digestive systems are. I’ve known people admitted to hospital in severe pain, with suspected gall bladder problems, who it subsequently turned out had ‘just’ changed their toothpaste. And how much of that would the average adult actually swallow! Best cure would be to return to usual diet until things settle then reintroduce the MAV diet gradually bit at a time leaving all the very fresh green veg etc and anything else normally associated with having loosening effects til last to be introduced individually with a few days between. Much like titrating up with the drugs really.

I know this is a bit late, but I just found a helpful website for recipes that follow the migraine diet. It can be really intimidating to start this as it knocks out a lot of ingredients/foods but I really enjoyed visiting this website and reading Alicia’s story as it resonates with a lot of ours!

Would be great if she could link to mvertigo too!

We also have a few :shallow_pan_of_food: Migraine Diet Books listed here :shallow_pan_of_food: on the Member Recommended Products page. Please feel free to recommend more!

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Thank you so much for sharing, Elizabeth! Please let me know if there’s anything else I can post to help.


Hey, Alicia, great that you popped over!

I’ve added a link to your blog in the Diet section of our Support Wiki.

Hope you are doing well these days?

Yes, I’m so happy to hear you are on this blog! Your website is awesome - I hope those here can utilize it.