Having baby tomorrow 8/21

I haven’t posted in a while…and my second son is to be born tomorrow (induction). I am scared. Last year with my first son, I had full rotational vertigo from start of early labor, lasted for hours…so bad they admitted and induced me…I felt horrible for months afterward. I have had only about a 2 second feeling of rotational vertigo since, about a week ago, it didn’t last, but it scared the hell out of me. Been feeling more “off” as pregnancy nears the end, feeling of bounciness and swaying worse, seems to be heightened towards 7-8 in the evening, and with being very tired.

I am convinced there is a hormonal link…

And is it safe to say I just never got back to feeling 100% normal after that initial vertigo attack?

Please pray for a smooth delivery! I am trying to think positive…

Thanks and take care, all.


Can’t pray for you, but I certainly hope as hard as I can (same thing?) that your system is beginning to learn how to cope with the changes. I do have friends who had a rough first pregnancy and post-partum experience but found subsequent ones far less stressful.

I am not sure where you are writing from and when “tomorrow” is for you, but I am thinking of you and wishing you a speedy and easy delivery and a very smooth poatpartum recovery. Baby #2 was much quicker and easier than baby #1 for me; it was like my body already was practiced and knew what to do, and that was true for just about everyone I know. As a matter of fact, I can’t think of anyone for whom that was not true. If you can nurse, that’s great, you and the baby will both get a lot of “feel good” hormones.

I saw this late, but I hope you had a good birth, and enjoy your new little one!

Certainly hope things have gone much better for you with this one, and that baby is well and this is a happy time for you and your family!!

Hello all and thanks for keeping me in your thoughts. Baby is now almost 5 weeks old. Delivery was much better this time, 99% attributable to the fact that I was not having rotational vertigo during the delivery like last time! However, I am now questioning my own sanity having 2 boys this close together, they are 14 months apart. I also have to return to full-time work (I’m a critical care nurse) in 3 wks.

Symptom wise it hasn’t been AS BAD as the first time, I think because I’m not recovering from a whopping episode of the rotational vertigo as I was the first time. But I am still feeling very off…very dizzy, sensations of movement, bouncing, slight swaying, fatigue, just feel “off”…you guys know what this means, I don’t have to go into great detail.

And the #1 thing I think not helping? Lack of sleep. I haven’t had a full nights sleep in maybe 5 months? I was up 5-6 times at night during the last months of my pregnancy, and now the obvious breastfeeding/newborn sleep cycle issue. I’m sure hormones are also playing a role here. About a week ago I got up to go to the bathroom and had about a 2 second feeling of rotation/falling. Those short episodes are just that…very short…but enough to scare the hell out of me.

Trying to remain positive and keep it all in perspective. I have 2 beautiful, healthy kids, a great hubby, and so far this MAV just kind of sits on my shoulders, you know? I can function. I just don’t feel great the majority of the time. I just miss feeling “normal”.

Well thanks for hearing me out…I hope you are all hanging in there the best you can. And trying to stay positive.


Congratulations! Rotational vertigo during your first delivery! Jeeze how could the universe come up with such a crazy idea!

Glad that all went well and you have a new little healthy baby. Sorry you are still suffering from the dizzies. I couldn’t imagine even before the dizzies going back to work so soon after a delivery! Nursing and not sleeping takes a lot out of a person. I remember someone comparing it to combat fatigue. Here’s hoping that you will feel better soon! Hopefully you can get a longer leave from work so you can recover from all of this.

Congrats on your new baby! I’m so glad that the delivery went well. I can completely understand that the fatigue is causing MAV symptoms…being overly tired is one of my biggest triggers. I hope you can get plenty of rest!