Head Cold

Hi Everyone-
Well I had a pretty bad head cold all last week into this week, through the whole time felt a bit more off balance than normal and chalked it up to the congestion of the cold. Started feeling better about 2 days ago and today, this afternoon it has been downhill. Very off balance, ears feel very full, every time I cough, blow my nose or even clear my throat get a wave of off balance, which then sets of the anxiety which then makes the dizziness even worse.
When you all get head colds/flu, do you seem to get more off balance? I have noticed this in the past and found the worst part of the cold for some reason was the “recovery” part when was physically feeling better from the cold symptoms but the dizziness kicks up a notch also. Does anyone else ever feel like this? I know if there are 100 different MAV patients I will get 100 different answers but it’s nice to know I’m not the only one in this boat.
Hope you are all doing well!

It is the same for me when I get a cold. I also get pain in the ears (and sinus) althogh nothing is to see there, so its not the cold going there. But must be the migraine. I do not understand how. But then again, I do not understand this MAVthing. Im learning, so one day i will. And at that time I am all well :wink:
I have to small children in daycare, so colds are a non-stop-winther-thing in our house.

Best for you from Line

yes a head cold will make me worse. my last dizzy/migraine spell came just after a headcold. it seems to throw me for a loop.

I find that any illness such as a cold or virus can (not will, but can) either trigger migraine activity or ramp it up if I’m in a chronic phase. I put it down to the idea that the migraine brain likes peace, love and serenity and FEARS CHANGE.

Well not having had a virus for so long I cant remember, I caught one at Xmas, which took me 6 weeks to get over, now closely followed by what I think is a tummy bug. Loo, feeling sick one day, not so bad next, sick again, but along with this has been tingling in the temples for 3 weeks, neuralgia at the back of the head, horrendous migraines and the dizziness is back with a vengeance (I dont know if its part of the bug or just the fact that we get migraine and dizziness thrown in to the mix whatever we get). I said to someone the other day I havent experienced dizziness this bad for years (not counting the severe vertigo attacks), but I have had to come home 3 times with dizziness when usually I can muddle through. On top of this the tiredness is horrrendous, eyelids swollen and heavy. Well, theres my moan for the day. It looks like a lot of us have gone downhill at the moment. Has anyone else in the UK got the sickness bug?