Head movement still a trigger even when medicated?

Hey everyone

Lately I have been suffering from head motion intolerance, since I had an attack this year it hasn’t seemed to settled down and the neck pain is present all the time. Just wondering does anybody else suffer with this head motion issue even when on medication? I turn my head to pick up my drink only slightly to the right and then I feel instantly nauseas and a fuzzy head.

Thanks in advance for your comments :sparkling_heart:

Hi Kirsty. The simple answer is yes. I am ok on some days, but the head motion thing is always there. I never turn my head fast… ever! I think I’ve learned to live with it. At my worst, the tiniest movement would make me throw up.

Try VRT. When I thought I was getting better, I did for a few months. It did improve it. This symptom sucks as it can prevent you driving, hope it goes away


Hey Belinda

Thank you my friend - yes I’ve been trialling this mini pill and now stopped it. It can alter serotonin in the brain. Oh dear, another migraine day then… so hard to function like this, hard to do anything with this particular symptom. I misplaced my AirPods this morning and was looking around for them omg bad idea!!! :nauseated_face: does it ever ease up for you? Some days are better occasionally but I can’t remember what living normally feels like again now. I think I’m going to have to trial Venlafaxine. I can’t live, right now it’s just so depressing!!