Head, Neck, Body Movement(s) to Alleviate Symptoms

I have dual diagnoses of VM and Meniere’s. Taking no meds. Based on past and current medical symptoms, I’m convinced that certain head/body movements can clear up symptoms such as tinnitus, hearing loss, dizziness, fullness, imbalance. light/sound sensitivity etc.). Back in 2019 I experienced complete and spontaneous alleviation of all symptoms all at once. I wasn’t on any special diet and ate and drank what I wanted. I wasn’t on any medications and I wasn’t performing any special exercise program other than walking a mile in the morning and a mile after dinner. It happened when I was cleaning up a large amount of spilled water (bending over, wiping the floor with a towel, standing up, wringing out water, repeat, repeat). During the cleaning, I had a bad dizzy spell. Went and laid down. Sat up, still felt dizzy and heard a large “freight train” noise in my ear(s), then laid down again. This incident laid me up for apx. 24 hours; but when I got up all of my symptoms were gone and my hearing in BOTH ears was the best it had been in YEARS! I’ve been symptom-free (for the most part) until the last few months. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to duplicate the movements to clear up my current symptoms. There’s not a doubt in my mind that movement(s) can alleviate the symptoms altogether; it’s just a matter of knowing/finding the actual dedicated movement(s), timing and sequence of the movement to get the results I experienced. That’s just me. If you’ve had similar experience(s), please share them with me.

Does anyone have any movement or series of movements that seem to alleviate some or all of your symptoms? Or can you recommend any reading(s) on this subject? Thank you!


Just curious to know if anyone has tried Botox injections for relief.