Headache pain

Is it possible to have a period of time where u get headaches on the same place in your head for me on the left side temple., forehead and top of left side of head.pain isn’t constant but comes on every single day from 1pm. The pain just gets worse and worse until I have to take paracetamol. Does anyone get this or have any explanation?


That’s a pretty classic rebound symptom. Or, you’ve got a dietary trigger. Do you eat the same thing at the same time everyday? Maybe for breakfast?

Yeah, behind left eye / left forehead. Not always at the same time, but over the last two years that is where I feel most of my pressure emanating from. I think it’s quite common to have a specific side or spot to feel migraine pain.

Right side, ocular.

Breakfast I have gluten free oats with with and oat milk. I have been having this for about 6 months.my bets are on rebound headaches.

I think you’re probably right. They are painful. It’s the habitual part that keys me in. My time for regular pain was 3:30 pm.

I tried not to take any yesterday. Last night I was so dizzy coz my head was pounding and pulsating like mad, I ended up having paracetamol at 2:30am the managed to sleep after that.

The first 7-10 days are a nightmare. If you can’t go cold turkey, get yourself on an ever decreasing schedule.

I’m gna do this. I have come over clonezepam I’m sure I can come of paracetamol. Thank you for your advice and support

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You are strong. You can do this.

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So it seems coming of paracetamol is worse than coming of clonezepan. In so much with the headaches but I think I’m clenching my teeth at night

Try heat on your neck and ice on your eyes. Hang out in an Epsom salt bath in the dark. Aim for distraction and aggressive comfort.

Thank you xx

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For some reason I’ve also found that humming can help block the pain a bit, like the yoga “om” sound. I play around with the tone until I find one that works best, or gives me best resonance feeling in my head.

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