Heading back to work tomorrow

Hi all! I am heading back to work tomorrow after being home and “struggling” for 12 weeks. I am a bit nervous for my return, but am hoping all ends well. (I have gotten quite spoiled sleeping in everday!) This has been the craziest 12 weeks of my life! Never thought I would be out of work for an illness at my age! I will update you all on how things go. Think I should start getting ready for bed now, since I’ve got to be up at 5am tomorrow!!! LOL :wink:

good luck!

Good luck to you!

Please let us know how you get on and be sure to discuss your condition to your manager and HR team so they can support you.

Thanks everyone! I survived day #1, all 12 hours and I go back again tomorrow. Luckily we aren’t too busy, so I have been able to take things slowly. I definitely feel more symptomatic at work, but I think that can also be related to stress. I have to be honest that I don’t feel comfortable discussing my situation with HR because although my neuro wrote me to be full duty, I am worried if I admit to still having symptoms they will tell me that I can not return to my usual position. I went to employee health today to get “checked” back in. The nurse asked me what surgery I had done to be out that long…I said I didnt have a procedure and that I have had migrain with vertigo and dizziness…I got the look (the one where they look at you like…what???) I just think people have no clue how we suffer because we all look well enough. I also think people blow us off thinking, how bad can dizziness be. It sucks! I am hoping though that I will be able to hang in there for the long run!

Hi Jen,

Glad you survived day #1 even though it was symptomatic. I will be returning to work 8/1 but fortunately I can start out with shortened hours and since it is a small practice there is no actual HR nurse to report to, just the Administrator who already knows my story. But I am so nervous I am already giving myself panic attacks. It’s the dizziness I worry about the most. So it was good to hear your upbeat and positive attitude. Keep those good thoughts and I wish you good luck and health!!