Headphones trigger

I think that wearing ear buds may possibly be a trigger, or it at least worsens my dizziness. Anyone else noticed this? Has anyone tried wearing on-ear headphones instead?

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Sort of related: one of the things that a colleague of mine thinks triggered his tinnitus is wearing a monophonic headset on one side. I have only got symptoms in the ear for the side I used the headset most. It was an in-ear model.

Apparently in-ear headphones can create a pressure vacuum which can contribute to dizziness and headaches, or they can press on the ear canal. But on-ear headphones can cause headaches if they don’t fit properly or put pressure on your temples or ears. I haven’t tried on-ear ones though.

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I also suspect if they are too loud you might trigger the tympani tensor muscle and if this is triggered too often may end up with a more permanent change in the trigger threshold. As per Wikipedia that syndrome can cause dizziness, neurogenic inflammation …

I haven’t worn earphones since I got this horrible condition. Another avoidance behaviour but I care for the health of my ears a lot now - more than ever. Sounds strange but everything above including a pressure vacuum and loud noise cannot be good for a less than adequate inner ear.


Before VM i never had music loud. I followed the rule that you should still be able to hear a person next to you speaking at a normal level. But i hope to be able to watch tv shows streaming on my tablet, or youtube videos while wearing headphones.

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I have never been able to wear something on or in my ears.