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Healed myself only using l-glutamine

Hello, I am new to this group. After years of problems I have healed myself only using l-glutamine from vestibular migraine, cervical vertigo, cervigenic headaches. This is all I supplement with and even gotboff nortriptyline 30mg in abouts 6 weeks of taking l-glutamine. Why does no one else talk about l-glutamine?


Welcome. Your case is very interesting and timely.

After a recent (nasty but hopefully acute) bout of Gastritis I did some research I’ve posted in #research-theories-controversies (access for Trust Level 2 users gained through positive forum engagement)

It turns out the MAV diet almost identical to the diet promoted to help Gastritis and GERD. Can this be just a coincidence or does it share a common aetiology? Not only that but the head position at night (slanting body upwards so head is higher) is also prescribed in both conditions. Could it be that #gerd plays a role in upsetting the Eustachian Tube or inner ear? The enzyme Pepsin (only created in the stomach) has been found in the middle ear.

I am interested about this supplement also, but was very confused when I read in Heal Your Headache (low tyramine migraine diet) to avoid glutamate and glutamic acid. So I Googled what is the difference between L-glutamine and glutamate and got this answer:

“The glutamine is taken into the presynaptic terminals and metabolized into glutamate by the phosphate-activated glutaminase (a mitochondrial enzyme). The glutamate that is synthesized in the presynaptic terminal is packaged into synaptic vesicles by the glutamate transporter, VGLUT.”

Despite my engineering degree and thesis in biomedical applications, my brain injury prevails and I would greatly appreciate a translation into more layman’s terms.

I understand l-glutamine is an amino acid supplement. How did you use it? Do you have any articles, books, research, etc… to share? Or did your doctor recommend taking it?

Thanks in advance for any additional information and welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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Let’s be careful here, “leaky gut” as a cause of disease is controversial.

(but there is A LOT we don’t know about MAV and the migraine explanation is imho very controversial and simplistic in any case … so …).

Have moved to #research-theories-controversies (Trust Level 2 required, gained through positive engagement with the forum over time) as new users should not really be confronted too much with controversial material.

Once you have access @Gutwell you will also be able to add links for sources and references

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