Heart racing when sitting upright with no head support


I’ve noticed that sometimes when I try to sit upright (like at a desk), without my head or neck being supported by anything, my heart starts to race. I don’t think I feel anxious before it starts racing but it definitely makes me feel anxious after it starts. The only way for me to get it to go away is lie down or sit somewhere where I can support my head. Does this happen to anyone else and do you guys know if it’s just another one of those pesky migraine symptoms? I feel like it does feel worse on days when my dizziness/disequilibration is worse than normal.

This is autonomic dysfunction, common with migraine but if in itself it becomes disruptive, talk to your doctor

I used to work in an office and I know exactly what you mean. Have you had any xrays/MRI on your cervical spine? I have 2 bulging discs and problems with my joint in between C2-C3 (upper neck issues can also cause dizziness). Look up cervogenic dizziness- theres lots of literature about it. I also wanted to ask you have you ever been tested for POTS? I did and it was negative, but it’s worth to see if that could be what your dealing with maybe. I have same symptoms as you along with vestibular migraines and cervogenic issues BUT negative for autonomic/POTS.

I’ve had an MRI done I’m not sure if it included my cervical spine and X-rays when I was younger (I have scoliosis). Is there anything that you did to help the cervicogenic dizziness? Do you get neck pain? I don’t really get neck pain but I get a stiff neck sometimes on days when I am very dizzy.

I have neck pain and Dizziness. I have two bulging discs. I do physical therapy and have found it very helpful as well as massage therapy with cupping. You could also try cervical traction.