Heat sensitivity

Hello all.

I wonder if anyone else has extreme heat sensitivity as part of their VM symptoms? My symptoms are dramatically worse when the temperature rises about 85 degrees and I live in a hot state… I have been checked for heart issues etc, so thatnkfully it’s nothing the Drs can see easily.
If anyone has feedback and or tips I’d be grateful!


I have extreme heat and cold sensitivity, I refer to it as my body thermometer is broken. I have no idea if it is VM related or not but I wrap up like an Eskimo according to my daughter in the winter, and in the summer I head for the beach and shade. I also invested in a keep cool wrap which helps a lot. I first bought a keep cool coat for my greyhound because she also has the same problem, and I discovered they make the wrap for humans. Just put keep cool clothing in your search engine and the site should appear, probably for the dogs first!

Terrible issues with temp dysregulation. I’m.also perimenopausal so that may factor nut I can’t do high heat and worse, humidity. Humidity kills me.

I’m very heat sensitive too. I got a cool tie last summer and it helped get me through.

Yes the heat bothers me a lot. It ramps up my symptoms very quickly. I don’t even have to be outside. If it gets above 70 in our apartment I am miserable and dizzier most of the time, and even 70 can bother me. We keep it at 66 at night in the summer for sleeping and I wish it could be even cooler. I also have trouble on days like today where our low was 38 degrees and our high is in the upper 60s. Our apartment will start out at 66 and be 70 by early evening until the AC kicks on. The fast increase usually gets to me too. I’m dreading this summer season.

I decided to search for heat sensitivity and was surprised by the amount of posts over the years that mention this.
High heat and humidity are some of the worst triggers for me. It’s like I turn into a convection oven and get overheated easily. Now that winter is here, I love the cool weather but even will flare up if my sweater is too heavy and I get hot… layers are a necessity.


The timing of your post made me chuckle. As I opened my Ipad I was trying to avert my eyes away from being mesmerised by the swirling snow falling outside my windows. Don’t think I’ll have much problem with getting overheated today somehow.

I think you might well have been hit by a double whammy here. The Big “M” obviously has a huge effect on we ‘Ladies of a Certain Age’ but, and I really hate having to tell you this, tricyclic antidepressants can cause it too. Not sure of the exact mechanism but I’m sure Mr Google knows. Beta blockers increase heat sensitivity because they somehow reduce the body’s ability to perspire. I’ve only noticed it a couple of times when the temperature hit the 80’s. Relatively rare occurrence on hilltops in the West of England pleased to say. I had to go lie down on the bed in the cool. Either way multiple layers are the answer for sure. Helen

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I don’t know about natural heat. However, I am very sensitive to heating systems with forced air. I feel very suffocated. I usually keep heating system turned off until its absolute necessary

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Just came in from doing landscaping for the past couple of hours in the heat; my head is absolutely pounding and feels like a pressure cooker.
I used to enjoy being outside in the summer… but since coming down with MAV, the heat makes me feel awful.
I wonder what the connection is?

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Not heat specifically, but any change of temperature or humidity. Possibly slightly different symptoms in different temperatures: heat makes me feel “swollen,” fuzzy and lightheaded, cold just gives me a normal headache.

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I think the key word here is ‘sensitivity’. Most MAV symptoms occur as a result of hypersensitivity. Hypersensitivity to all types of stimulation, maybe dietary (caffeine, chocolate, cheese etc) and/or environmental, wind, heat.? Causes an excessive response.

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Helen, you just made it make sense to me! I believe you are right!

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I still regularly experience a very strong and not dissimilar reaction to walking really briskly outside. It will abate after being still for a while. These external stressors must just overload the system. Thinking about it and assuming ‘landscaping’ is rather physical work you had a double whammy there because physical exercise in itself is a strong stressor on the vestibular system.

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Yes… very physical, bending forward (big no no for me), humid and almost 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Now to go weed the garden, but I will pace myself today!

Obviously a glutton for punishment.

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I experience the same and searched the site to see if I was alone. Nope! I also get a throbbing headache from working in the heat for 30 minutes or so. This started a few years ago, interestingly enough, about the same time when my migraines started changing pattern to be daily for 6 or so weeks at a time. It took 4 years of all of these changes to build up to the insane attack that started 2 months ago and for me to be diagnosed with VM.

A few years ago, i was convinced i had heat stroke and ended up in the hospital. Looking back, I’m pretty sure i had a combination of migraine, dehydration and a panic attack. Never want that to happen again. I felt like i had been cooked and could not get my body to cool down. I was taking cold showers and putting cold compresses on myself, yeah, it was a bad day at the beach. Now i fear the beach and all things hot!

I also like the cooling ties, or i just put my head under the hose and don’t care how crazy my neighbors must think I am!


As already mentioned above the condition results from hypersensitivity and that applies to any stimulation at all. Environmental included. Menopause and Some medications used as preventatives can also cause increased sensitivity to heat as I believe does ageing.

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