Hello Again!

HAPPY to see this board up and running again.

My vertigo problems (room spinning around) have plagued me for Years. I’ve been to many doctors. I’ve heard many diagnoses including “atypical Meniere’s” which must mean Meniere-like symptoms for which the cause is unknown.

Once a month or so I get these vertigo attacks. It seems something builds up or something.

i’m laid low for at least a day or sometimes two while it works itself through and then I ususally feel better again for a while.


bECAUSE No diagnosis I am so puzzled----until about a year ago I read about migraine associated vertigo. I’ve had migraines – common migraines – almost daily for a long, long time. (ouch)

Never had any prescribed meds but took Tylenol.

Then was given beta-blocker for mitral valve prolapse and I think the beta-blocker helps the vertigo when it flares up.

I do not know yet what causes this vertigo and fatigue attacks that last from four to eight hours.

It comes on after I’ve had a lot of stress like for a week or get overexcited.

Raven :o

Hi Raven

Nice to see you here again.

Have you decided to do anything in regards to treating your problem? I’d be interested to see
how you go with treatment as it may totally rid you of your headaches and vertigo episodes.

You are fairly unique here in that many of us on the forum here have chronic dizziness. Personally, I used
to have vertigo episodes much like you and then this progressed to chronic dizziness. This is one reason
it is important to treat the problem with migraine preventatives, as migraine can cause permanent
damage to the vestibular system.

If you would like any suggestions in regards to possible preventative medications to try, please


Hello Adam and Everyone:

Thanks for the answer to my post and the suggestion to take preventative medicine for migraine and vertigo attacks.

I have been to so many neurologists and other doctors and they have never recommended anything for me because they are not sure what my problem is. One dr said “possibly atypical Meniere’s Disease” with a bewildered, uncertain expression.

Another dr said it was benign paroxsysmal vertigo … but did not have any suggestions on how to treat it or what caused it, etc.

The neurologist said if Tylenol every day was helping headaches, she would like to leave it at that.

I’ve never known that migraine could damage vestibular system!!! I’m a bit worried.

Hi Raven

You don’t really need to be under the guidance of a neurologist to try the preventative meds. Just
visit your family doctor, let them know you want to try migraine preventatives. It would be best to do your
own research so you can discuss it with your doctor and choose the best one for you.

Taking Tylenol (or any analgesic) everyday is a terrible idea. Most migraine specialists do not recommend
taking analgesics more than twice a week or you will perpetuate your headaches and cause “analgesic rebound”
which can make like very difficult (ie. a near constant headache).

Whereabouts are you located? It may be worth your time to see if you can find a neurotologist as it doesn’t
sound like you are being given the treatment you need.