Hello and increasing ami?

Hi everyone,

Haven’t been around much… Mainly because I’ve been trying to get back to work (my bosses are being very cautious. I’m pretty sure they think I’m
Gunna come back, collapse and sue them.)

Anyway… I hope you’re all finding better days outweighing the bad. Lots of people on this forum told me that would happen to me, and I found it hard to believe… But they were right. :slight_smile: and I’m thankful for that support XX

Something happened a few wks back, I don’t know if the 10mg ami started to kick in, whether the diet started to sort my brain… But I grabbed this mav bull by the horns and decided to push myself and try to do things I’d usually do- go for meals for example. Without realising, I found that things were getting easier. I don’t know where my sudden positivity cane from, it just happened, but there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s been the main contributor to me feeling better.

I’m def not 100%… I’m not better than when this all kicked off, but like Muppo once said in a post, I’m not the suicidal train wreck sat at home.
Well… Only on real bad days.

Iv also found that crying, skipping meals and lack of sleep really hit me where it hurts most but trying to avoid the crying trigger is hard!

Anyway… I’ve wittered on, sorry. I wanted to ask those who’ve taken amitriptyline, how the felt going from
10mg to 20mg???
I’ve been on ami at 10mg for 2 mths now… I thi k it certainly took the edge off- my pain is less head and eyes more temples sinus and nose… But as I feel able to get on with life a bit more now, he thinks it must be doing good… So last might I took 20mg.
I’m really scared I’m going to get bad side effects for a few days (I was so bad for 5 days when I first started taking it)… But I
Know I’ve gotta grit teeth and ride out Amy side effects… Just wondered anyones experiences??



I was at a really low point whenI started the Ami…It helped my mood considerably…sleep a little…dizziness, not much at all…but! It didn’t hurt at all…no side effects really…I’m glad that you are getting better! I took 5mg and worked up to 20 without much incident…My neurologist and psychiatrist both suggested Cymbalta to augment the Ami, and when that really helped, I was able to get off the Ami without much fuss.
Good luck to you!

I’ve done my jumps in 5mg steps instead of 10mg.

However, 2 nights ago I went up to 50mg and it’s def been the hardest jump so far.

Stay strong sweet cheeks and be good to yourself xx

My increase from 10 to 20 actually helped me more than anything. The start of the 10 rocked my world, so I expected the same result. Quite the opposite though!
Hang in there! Hopefully it will be smooth sailing…

I’m on 50 mg and no problems,will begin tapering off it in Aug.Hopefully I will stay well.