Hello, folks

Just joined up the forum after receiving the link from Scott. Like Libby (Demonic Symphony), I am actually a Meniere’s sufferer and not a MAV sufferer. However, I understand that this forum is dedicated to the educated scientific discussion of problems and solutions we face in common. I have shared a few messages back and forth with Scott in the past, and I look forward to getting to know some of you folks and participate in good discussions and productive exchanges of ideas.


Hey Hector,

There are from time to time some discussions about Meniere’s as well. Some of us have dual diagnoses, myself included. Personally, I am still in denial about the meniere’s part of my diagnoses as I don’t have all of the symptoms. One doc says I do, another says I need ALL of the symptoms to have meniere’s. My GP is just as frustrated as I am about it. The other reason I am in denial about it is that I do know some people that have the real deal with meniere’s, and talking to them, I’m not even in the same ball park as them. :roll:

Hey Hector,

Welcome to mvertigo. Great to have you here. I look forward to lots of discussion with you guys as new things pop up. Whether Meniere’s or MAV there’s a lot of common ground between the two conditions and both cause immeasurable suffering when in full swing.

You guys no doubt know a million things about Meniere’s after having been dealing with it for so long and obviously being well read. I thought I’d throw in this anyway – a video from Steve Rauch (Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary) on this illness just in case you hadn’t seen it. His videos are quite good and he always seems to have a good analogy up his sleeve:

edit: he sounds a bit like Darth Vader in his opening line when he says “Meniere’s Disease”. Hope it doesn’t freak anyone out! :o

Scott :slight_smile: