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Hello from a desperate case

Hello. Good to meet fellow VM suffered.
My VM have been out of control since Feb 2020. Since then, I have tried amitriptyline, Nortriptyline, pizotifen, flunarizine and propranolol. The latter was the only one proving effective but only mildly. I am now trying Gabapentin. My VM is daily and because of it I have just lost my job and I am struggling to care for my daughter.
I am losing hope very quickly as I have tried so many things and nothing seems to work.


Welcome to the site, that sounds really tough. Hang in there, you will get on top of this, but it will take experimentation and time! Don’t panic :heart:

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Hi and a belated welcome. Might pay to have a thorough look through the Wikis and other Welcome info. Check out the remainder of the treatment package by which I mean diet, lifestyle changes etc all worth a trial. If you eventually do see Dr S you should find he is insistent on the migraine diet. You can find it on here. Just search ‘the six Cs’ diet. As you strike me as a ‘lady in a hurry’ can I suggest you follow this link for more background. There’s an excellent, very thorough but extremely long, FAQ from various neurologists in the Wikis to read later on at your leisure but I always think that’s easier to absorb once you’ve had some time to get your head around MAV which can take a while.

Chronic Migraine - paper by Dr Silver

Good luck with the Gabapentin. Hope it helps. If it doesn’t prove the one for you you may find it necessary to revisit some of your previous ‘failed’ options. That can happen. Sometimes the failure is a result of the start up procedures, not having been advised to give each drug sufficient time (they can take months to kick in properly) or even overblown expectations. So for now try to keep an open mind.

Hi. Thank you for your kind words and guidance. My VM is worsened by screen usage, so you are right about lady in a hurry. And I agree about the failed trails. That’s why I want a second opinion. My neurologist does not believe in drugs working at all if they do not work within 6 weeks, so he would put me off them fairly quickly. However, in the past the drugs that did work for me (I have VM since 2001) took.months to kick in as you said. But my protestations were ignored by my neurologist…

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Suggest you go ahead and get one in that case. That ones not likely to change his mind. They don’t,