Hello from Italy

Hello everyone!

I have been reading through this forum for a while now and found it tremendously helpful.

I have been experiencing severe dizziness for a couple of years now, along with heightened anxiety and depression. Five hospitalizations in, I still don’t have a definite diagnosis - psychiatrists say anxiety is the root cause, neurologists say it’s MAV causing anxiety, physical therapists say it’s cervicogenic dizziness. To make matters worse, I am going through a difficult perimenopause.

I have tried many different meds - Amitryptiline made me faint in the morning. Nort gave me a major boost, but also extreme irritability despite also being on a mood stabilizer. Topiramate gave me an allergy. Citalopram gave me convulsions. Agomelatine was working some but no longer, and the gabapentinoids merely scratch the surface.

I have an appointment for HRT on Monday and hope it will help because I am at the end of my tether. I used to be a lively and fun person, high-profile career, traveling constantly… now I had to move back in with my mom (at age 45!). I am lucky that I can work remotely, but I find that I don’t even want to see my friends anymore, I really don’t harbor much hope of this ever going away.

Anyone know a good VM neuro in Northern Italy?

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Hiya I completely understand how you feel when it comes to not wanting to see friends anymore. I have to force myself to do things, otherwise I know I’d just stay at home and most probably in bed.
It sounds like no one really knows what to help you with and that’s going to be extremely frustrating for you. I have found reading through peoples posts on here have really helped me, the success stories in particular give me hope for the future and I really hope they do for you too. There seem to be some really knowledgeable people on here so I hope they can help you :slightly_smiling_face:

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