Hello From Newbie with multiple symptoms


I found this site today while searching for migraine and some of my symptoms. So glad I did. Although we have some horrible symptoms it is some relief for me to know I am not the only one with these things happening to them. My doctors here in the UK have been hard work and it took a long time to get a referral to a consultant. Once there I was dismissed by the first one I saw and had to complain before getting someone much better.
The neurological dept at my local hospital is in chaos. They are not offering any appointments and the better consultants I have seen have been locums and have now moved on.
I am due to go to another hospital on a fresh referral and start all over again next week.
While I do not have vertigo I share many other symptoms.
It all started about 4 years ago with twitching occuring in random places.
About a year or so ago I started getting vision problems. Things off to the side were shimmering. Then things with straight edges started vibrating. All this happens when I am still. I can see a pulsing in my eye when I exercise.
I get numb hands at night, aches and pains in legs and arms and sometimes visual snow when it’s dark,
I had been getting more frequent visual migraines (zig zags expanding in vision lasting about 10 mins) that left me with a mild week long headache afterwards
In the last few weeks my eyes are moving on there own as soon as I have woken up but before I open them.
I’ve also has tinnitus for a long time now,
All this gives me great anxiety and life is difficult. I had not been sleeping well.

I have had brain and spine MRI and nothing showing up there.
The last consultant put my on amitryptiline, saying it could well be migraine related. This helped with the pains and certainly helps me sleep at night. Twitches went away for a month or 2 but have returned.
Anyway hope I haven’t waffled on too much and hope I can make some progress next week.
Best wishes to all.


Welcome to the forum. You definitely seem to have a lot in common with MAVers.

I did well on Amitriptyline too. That drug can introduce twitching too, though. Good luck with your recovery!