Hello I'm Billie

Another newbie, found the site when googling Magrelief (recommended by a friend of my husband). Currently in the midst of vertigo for the umpteenth time. Prochlorperazine prescription hasn’t helped this bout and I’m desperate to get life back to normal without walking into walls/ feeling like I’ve drunk a bottle of vodka. I spent an evening at A & E last Friday when my GP decided I needed a CT head scan just incase I’d had a bleed. Fortunately, it’s ‘just’ vertigo. Resigned to the fact that once you’ve had it, reoccurence is to be expected.


Welcome to the forums Billie!

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Just in case you are not already aware. ‘Vertigo’ is not a diagnosis. ‘Vertigo’ is simply a symptom of another existing condition. A doctor telling a person with vertigo that they have ‘vertigo’ is the same as telling a person who is vomiting that they have nausea. It is not an answer. Recurrent vertigo needs medical investigation in order to try to establish a root cause which can then be addressed. Btw Prochlorperazine is an anti nausea medication and very effective I’ve always found it to be. It should only be taken short-term over a very few days and although formerly described as being to treat dizziness has since been reassigned as an anti-nausea drug.

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