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Hello, I'm Clara

Hello I am new here, so happy to be able to share with others who understand the symptoms as I have felt a little isolated lately. I am three years since having been diagnosed by Dr Surenthrian as having MAV. After a long time off work, I managed to return to a high powered career over the last year as it was p/t and employees put in some helpful restrictions ie only 30 min drives and run of the mill type of visits. I am taking 6 -0.5 mgs pizotifen currently, Dr S wants to increase as I still get head pains and visual disturbances as well as dizzy spells when increased activity. But I get so tired so he has prescribed a different drug to add to what I take
I can’t remember the name and prescription has not come through yet. However my role is finishing soon and all are expected to step up to a higher graded role with a lot more stress. I am 51 and am really not sure I can manage the change. I have found my symptoms have returned over past few weeks and I get more dizzy and visual disturbances. Work envolves a lot of screen time. I am also finding it really hard to retain new information. Feel it’s so hard to explain to family etc as they see me as being ok. Has any one else found it hard to retain information and absorb new info? I am questioning whether I am up to a new more stressful role. It would be great to hear it’s not just me.