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Hello, I'm Ms Cacti

Hi I’m new but I haven’t been officially diagnosed with MAV or any vestibular disorder yet due to financial and insurance issues but for 2 years now I’ve been struggling with dizziness and unsteadiness which I think has to do with my neck. Trying to manage the symptoms has been incredibly hard and has made my already anxiety and depression worse. I was a member of another forum for vestibular disorders but unfortunately I just wasn’t getting the support there anymore so I left. And that’s how I came upon this site. But I know the majority are MAV sufferers so I’m not sure if I’m even allowed here. Personally I never had a migraine but it runs rampant on both sides of my family along with many other health issues. So that’s it. Ms. Cacti

Hey Ms Cacti. Of course you are allowed and indeed welcome. Dizzy for whatever reason we are bound to share many experiences so come aboard. If you feel you might be hanging around a while I’d suggest you complete your own personal introduction and/or start a personal diary. Choice is yours.

I appreciate your current lack of funds but would suggest you go about establishing a diagnosis as soon as you can. The quicker one starts treatment for any vestibular issues the quicker one obtains results. Best gain sone control before maladaptive behaviours become entrenched. All makes for a better resolution.

Yes it’s been incredibly frustrating not being able to seek medical care when knowing you should. It worries me how much damage is going on as I have no choice but to wait

There won’t be any permanent damage, not if it is MAV. Don’t worry on that. It’s just the entrenched maladaptions become very difficult to break. Old habits and all that.

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