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Hello, I'm Sandra

Hi, I’m new here. 3 years into being diagnosed by Prof. Luxon in London with VM. Trialled so many drugs, now being told by my neurologist at St Thomas’s hospital to try Amytriptaline again. I don’t get much of a headache, it’s the nausea and internal whirling that’s the worst. Currently I feel rather discouraged. If a drug doesn’t work, I have to wait 6 months for the next appointment… Venlafaxine was probably the best of the bunch, but coming off it…! the withdrawal symptoms were awful. I felt quite psychotic! I’m now being considered for TMS . Was really interested in the post on the research of 3 drugs specifically for VM. Thank you for posting that. This condition can be very isolating- so I’m grateful to have found this site. Glad to be part of this. Alexa.

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