Hello, new to this forum, suffering from MAV about 7 years

Hello everyone,
I was looking for this forum for a long time, finally I made it, so I don’t want to make a long presentation, sorry if somethings are hard understand I’m not a native English speaker.

My name is Adam, I’m 30 years old ,Well I started getting lightheaded in 2009 and after a few months the headache started, the symptoms was really weird so it was difficult to diagnosed, I have done many blood test, brain CT scan, MRI, many test I don’t even know what they were, finally I found an ENT surgeon and specialist in allergies and dizziness disorders, he have done some test, I don’t really remember the name of the test, but he filled both ears with warm water and cold water and he was reading some number on a screen while I was moving my head.

When all required test were done, he diagnosed me with (Migraine Associated with Vertigo), I really didn’t know what it was, I panicked I thought it was a type of cancer.
so he prescribed me flunarizine 10mga day, and Vitamin B complex I was put on treatment for six months, about three months on treatment I was getting really better after I lost hope I have been seeing doctors for one year, and took many drugs, many wrong diagnoses.
after six months on the treatment, the headache and lightheaded completely gone, so I cut off the treatment, but after four to six months the headache and lightheaded started getting back again if I recall it was early 2011 tell today I still have the headaches and feeling lightheaded and I have a severe neck pain, that come along with the headache, I have had a sinus surgery in 2014 and was suspected with pharyngeal tumor, but the biopsy came clear.

Welcome! Your English is very good; don’t worry about that!

What country do you live in? I’m only asking because it seems like most of the participants in this forum live in either the U.S. or in Great Britain, and the health care systems are a little bit different, so sometimes it helps to know where the poster lives.

You said that you were taking flunarizine and Vitamin B2 and that you got much better. Why did you stop taking them? Have you considered taking them again?

Thank you! I’m living in Dubai, and I quit the treatment because I was worried about the side effects of a long term use, then I started to get sinus infection continously, so I thought that I might have something else that triggers the migraine, but the treatment really helped with the lighteaded that I used to have before the treatmemt I wasn’t even able to walk.

It is perfectly normal to jump back to the medication that worked for you on a relapse. I have read enough success stories to know people stayed on the meds for an year or two after feeling better before weaning off them.Good luck with getting back on the flunarizine. You were a success story once and you will be one again !

Also the B-complex, Coq10 and Magnesium does not hurt to keep taking it. It might help but never hurts.

I want to get back on treatment, but I’m wondering is it normal to get neck pain with migraine?
I have a severe neck pain that come a long with the headache.

Yes i have severe neck pain along with tingling. I was pretty sure i had a pinched nerve but turns out everything was migraine after all.

What medicines did you use and did it work?

I am on Amitriptyline. I was doing 20mg at night. Still had some residual symptoms so upped the dose to 25mg two days ago. The weight gain and drowsiness are the biggest side-effects.

I think it’s an antidepressants right?
Yeah, I did see weight gain on Flunarizine, but It’s not a big deal for me I’m very slim.

What trigerrs you migraine, and how long you have suffering from it?

Here is my story. Have had this for 15 months now…feeling relatively better on Amitriptyline