Help! Botox, CGRP, Nortriptyline or Med Combos?

I’m a 31 year old male in the US who’s tried so many things.

I’m wondering if it’s time to give up on meds and not bother with a CGRP study and try botox (or try a combo of meds instead) to lessen my 24/7 dizziness of the past 6.5 years.

I’m already on 30mg Nortriptyline and my plan is to get to as high a dose as I can (if I can’t find an effective dose) and be on that dose for 8 weeks total (what my neurologist recommends). I just joined a CGRP trial: first injection on 1/16 and future ones on 2/16 and 3/16 with a 50% chance I get a placebo. If Nortriptyline and CGRP fail, I plan to try botox, given my neurologist thinks it’s the next best plan as opposed to combinations of migraine medications (which I read Dr. Hain recommends before botox).

I’ve been on Buchholz’s migraine diet (slip-ups a few times but rare). I realized I was also doing the gluten/sugar/salt/dairy/white rice-free diet as well (still was eating a little cereal but it was organic whole foods pure cornmeal) for months, but am currently eating whole milk/grape-nuts to see if that helps with the constant fatigue that developed a year ago.

I’ve tried 25 other migraine medications and every supplement it seems. The only new alternative method I’m planning to try is tai-chi as I’ve done it 6 times at a class but I don’t think it was the specific tai chi that Dr. Hain recommends. My current non-migraine meds are lamictal, respirdal, and desmopressin. I’ve read some of Turknett’s ‘Migraine Miracle’ and he’s a big critic of migraine drug trials/preventative meds given the selection bias/multiple placebo effects.

Anything else you recommend I try or do? The goal is to find something that hopefully isn’t pricey or life-long but I’m not picky. Thanks so much for all your efforts/struggles/lives!

How long have you been on the diet? Has it helped at all?

Since 5/30/17 and no sadly (I generally avoided a lot of the things on it anyway before that date)