HELP! Buchholz/Heal Headache Diet: Are probiotics pills fine? Haven't found answers anywhere

Anyone know if dairy/soy/gluten-free probiotic pills are fine under the Heal Your Headache David Buchholz diet? I buy them at Whole Foods which says they don’t sell things with MSG plus they’re pills not actual food.

I’ve tried searching everywhere on this site and google and found no answer.

I ask as they seem to help me not get colds so much which helps me not feel so tired and able to function (I stopped probiotics I think on 5/30/17 then got sick a couple days later then sick again this weekend). I also stopped taking licorice supplements or licorice tea on 6/8/17 as Buchholz said those are a somewhat trigger but I doubt that’s giving me cold-like symptoms.


I take a probiotic capsule daily with no I’ll effects. I think the amount is so small it doesn’t really register as a fermented food as such. It is not like having a big heap of pickles or mushrooms😁

That should read ill effects! Couldn’t edit it as it disappeared beneath my keyboard. Stupid tablet!!!

I’ve found the more billions the better for me (in terms of less colds so I take a 100 billion probiotic pill but it’s not made from dairy or soy or gluten so I think it’s different from a food