Help! dizziness chronic for 2 years

Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum and I hope I am posting in the right place. If I am not, please forgive me!! I have been experiencing constant non-specific dizziness for 2 years. It all started after an episode of stree…I began to get dizzy and felt like “being on a boat”…like a rocking sensation. That went away and now I live with a feeling of dizziness (more like a lightheadedness) daily. I have had actual vertigo 4 times, but mostly it is non-specific annoying dizziness and mild head pressure…It feels like I have a brain infection or something - so hard to explain!!! Sorry!

I have been to MULTIPLE doctors. My brain mri without contrast is normal. thyroid is normal. Inner ear has been tested multiple times, normal. Heart is normal. I was tested for lyme and labcorp was negative, Igenex wa spositive. I have been on antibiotics (orals) for 3 months and the fatigues is gone, but the dizziness is still here with me.

I went to the Emorry dizziness and balance center (Dr T) and he really did not have much to say. I am at my wits end here…not sure what to do , who to see? Maybe it is lyme? But if it is not…I hate to put my body through all these antibiotics for nothing…SO FRUSTRATING!!!

I wonder if I have vestibular migraines? Or Mav? Althoygh I think if that was teh case, teh dizziness would come and go - am I correct? Do any of you experience a DAILY and CONSTANT feeling of dizziness?

My dizziness is CONSTANT and daily…and it does vary in intensity, from mild to moderate. But it is always there.

Any ideas? help? advice? doctors I can see?

Thanks SO SO SO MUCH!!


So sorry you’re suffering. I’ve felt like I’m on a boat for nearly 6 years. I recently found out that I have Lyme my story is under the “other illnesses” section. You’ll see a lively discussion about this diagnosis. If wish to know more, I’m happy to help. here’s link to my story and discussion.

Best of luck, Lisa


You could try to treat Lyme AND migraine… See the post by Dizzielizzie1

Hello Sare…

Im on the same boat as yor. Mine began almost month and a half… it started with small spinning vertigo that last 2 seconds each… during 4 days… after that, vertigo disapeared… and start this feeling of lightheaded and foggy brain. I saw a NeutoOthologhist but found nothing…went to the Neurologist… and my neurological test came normal…

They told me that is realted to the exreme ansiety that i have been suffering this days… that cause me CHRONIC SUBJETIVE DIZZINESS…please check that