Help eyes wobbling shaking vision

When looking at objects more than three feet away my eyes (or the image) appears to wobble from side to side up and down, like a home video camera being held by hand. It’s just unstable.

Sometimes things appear doubled, and I almost have really off depth perception, like things are close up.

There is also significant visual snow and things seem dimmer.

Following exercise I feel really dizzy and looking at the horizon it’s bobbing about all over the place, it’s hell.

This is driving me mad, what could be causing this?

I may have had exposure to CO poisoning and also took antidepressants a few months ago.

I saw a vestibular assessment and no nystagmus was observed during her tests, however she did notice eye flicker, stated it was my cervical occular reflex, however I am sceptical.
This is debilitating and driving me crazy please help.

I’m sure this isn’t MAV I’m just posting here to see what solutions are available or experience from others.

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The bouncing wobbly vision is called oscillopsia. Did you have vestibular loss on testing?

Hi thanks for the response.
I was told the problem my cervical occular reflex due to neck issues. She couldn’t find any severe vestibular loss.

I don’t believe this however since the wobbly vision started during drug withdrawal and heavy smoking due to stress…

When I walk things do Bob about a very small amount.
I can drive, run, and cycle, however worse is just when I’m not moving the horizon and objects in my vision MOVE.

It’s driving me to Suicide :frowning:

I thought oscillopsia was only during head movement

Thanks again

Before I found an oto-neurologist who knew how to treat me for MAV, one of my symptoms was: while looking at a stationary object on a table or on the floor, it would look like it was gliding to the right. Stationary items appeared to be in slow motion. Now that I am in control through diet, trigger awareness and occasional medication, this never occurs. It would not hurt to try treating yourself for MAV until you have a diagnosis - if MAV is a possibility. I have Migraine without headache. It is a challenge and hard work but you can do the program. Do you ever have vertigo, nausea, light sensitivity, “eye-strain” or any of the other Migraine continuum symptoms? I had a bad whiplash over 40 years ago and I blamed my more current neck issues on that but my doctor told me that MAV affects the neck. For me, he was correct. When I am in control, the neck issues disappear. Good luck. (

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Thanks for rhe reply, i think mines toxic CO poisoning how can I stop this… I have;
-Dim vision, like everything is dark
-Visual snow like a haze over everything, especially things that are black or dark
-poor contrast and after images
-wobbling vision as described
-seriously aching sore neck
-high frequency hearing loss
-pains in little finger?

I’m half dead… I know these problems are with me for life it’s an absolute nightmare… I’ll try the MAV solutions, what medications do you recommend?


Thanks for the reply. What treatments do you recommend for MAV?
I do occasionally have nausea, however not light sensitivity, more like visual snow…my field of vision is covered in a haze of noise…colours also appear dimmer than they used to…
And hearing loss, tinnitus, etc
I will try anything at all!
Due to see a neurologist in a week.
I think all my issues are nerve related, and I fear the worst toxic neuropathy due to something that happened with the drugs. I just want to get better it’s a living hell.

It is good that you are seeing a neurologist. Hopefully they will be helpful. If it is MAV, then the migraine diet and short term medication and trigger reduction are usually the way they start your road to control of the symptoms. Read: “Healing Your Headaches 1 2 3” by Buchholz (sp?) which is based on the work by JohnsHopkins and also, “The MIgraine Brain”. Also, T.C Hain. There is too much to write here but if you have time please look at my Resource page. You need to start a daily journal of symptoms, food, exercise, etc. and try to get more organized on what your triggers may be. It will be surprising what you discover. This is how you take charge. I am not a physician but these are the methods that have worked for me. We are no longer carefree, it is a daily challenge, but you can get better. (

Hi NYGAL I forgot to answer, I’m not sure if it was vestibular loss, I still get dizzy when shaking my head indicating it’s not complete vestibular loss, and the physio assumed it was the cervical occular reflex…

It’s now even possible it could be benzo withdrawal. I was on for 2/months lorazepam however that was 5 months ago…

It’s driving me insane now…

Things have gone from seriously bad to much much worse… I now have bouncing vision when i walk the horizon jumps each time I put my foot down. It’s horrific, combined with tinnitus and hearing loss… I think this is called oscillopsia . I’ve honestly had enough now, how can I stop these problems from getting worse???

Sounds like nystagmus? I believe this is down to some disturbance in the inner ear fluid. I find Amitriptyline really dampens this, have you tried it? I’ve had it where I’ve sat up in bed and literally had my left eye wobble once one way, then the other (leading me to conclude it might happen from air bubbles rising through the fluid)


I had that problem too. The only thing that helped me with that was:

Visit an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist to check my vision.
Lower salt intake.
Drink lots of water and Gatorade.
Rest my eyes.
Bought a pair of speacialty glasses from Axon Optics that block the light ray coming from the computer.
These also helped me in places that have flourecsent lighting.
Minimize stress.