Help! I'm new to MAV


I’m new to this site. I just started the diet for preventing migraine. I’ve been sick with the worst migraine I think I’ve ever had in my life! It’s been 6 days of flat out sick. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m about to have a cup of coffee any minute!
Thanks, Bethann

Hi Bethann,

Welcome to the site. I’m sorry you are feeling so ill. Are you primarily suffering from a headache, or do you have other symptoms too?

If you are a regular coffee drinker and you gave it up cold-turkey, you may be experiencing caffeine withdrawal on top of your migraine symptoms. When did you start the diet?


I am a coffee drinker and yes I gave it up cold turkey. Dr.Rauch told me to follow the diet from a book. Heal Your Headache, in this book it says to stop all pain meds and coffee all together. I took a motin today, it says not to but I’m about to go crazy with this pain. The motin didn’t ease any of the pain at all. I don’t know what to do, how long will it last?

If it is from caffeine withdrawal, it could last a few days. Tell me more about your symptoms and when you started the diet. Are painful headaches like this the norm for you?

I have been where you are and I thought it would never end when I first started the diet and the pain was driving me crazy.

I went to a quite place and got a cold compress and put on the back of my neck and head every 15 minutes for probably a week or two straight. Stayed away from all other triggers so as to bring the threshold down quicker. I did take asprin or improbreoun a bit during this period just to take the edge off.

Start going to bed at the same time every night and get up the same time each morning, get your sleep as regulated as you can right now that will help…get a cold compress and keep by your bed with a cold wet rag that helps when you wake up in pain.

Stick with it,it is not easy although I am having issues still with the motion intolerance I have not had a real headache in a very long time…and the ones I have had are much less intense .

Drink plenty of water, that also helps keep you hydrated.

I think we need her to clarify if she just has migraines or MAV. If only migraines, her treatment is going to be way easier!

I was diagnosed by Dr. Rauch a few weeks ago with MAV. This all started after my hysterectomy 2 years ago. Since the surgery I’ve had only a few migraines. I have suffered with headaches almost everyday for many years.
This migraine is going on a week now. I tried ice, dark room, showers, you name I’ve done it. The pain is in my neck, shoulders, jaw and head.
I appreciate any suggestions, as soon as I’m up to writing more I will post my story. It’s long and crazy!

Thanks, Bethann

Bethann - welcome. you haven’t mentioned any dizziness. do you experience that as well? that is usual for a dx of MAV.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. It’s now over week and the migraine is starting to fade. I still have a headache but at least I can talk and open my eyes without crazy pain. I never thought giving up coffee and food would knock me off my feet like it did. Dr. Rauch wants me to follow up with a neurologist to treat the MAV. Hopefully I’ll find a doctor who will get me on track.

Hi Bethann,

Sorry to hear about your terrible headache. Do you experience dizziness? What symptoms do you have that caused Dr Rauch to diagnose you with MAV?

All the best … Scott

Thanks Scott,

I’ve had vertigo on and off for two years. In between the falling episodes is the balance issues. I feel like I’m never stable on my feet. It’s like I’m walking on a trampoline all the time. I’m exhausted and frustrated by the many doctors that have told me they don’t know what I have. I’ve had tests done for the following, heart, MS, glucose and ear. All shown no results.

I found Dr.Rauch while searching for a second opinion on my ear, never expecting him to tell me MAV. I’ve never heard of this, since then I’ve met 2 people with the same thing.

I’m having a problem getting in to see a neurologist before July. It’s almost two weeks on this diet, I’m still pretty sick with headaches and over all sick feeling. At this point I’m home bound, I can’t handle any noise and lights. I’m praying this lets up soon!