Help! Nausea!

Hi All

I’m new to the site. LOVE IT! I feel so “normal” here. I haven’t been formally diagnosed, but MAV has been suggested by a couple doctors, (among several other theories of course!). Reading this site makes me feel pretty certain this is what I have.

Anyhow, I’m sure nausea has been covered many times here, but I’m having trouble finding a good thread on it. I’ve used meclizine, and promethazine with little effect on my nausea, then Klonopin, which did nothing. For the last three months I’ve been on Metoclopramide. I thought it was a miracle drug at first,as it could stop my severe attacks cold. Now I’m getting more nausea again, often a level 6/7 out of 10, continual throughout the day. The Metoclopramide is having little effect!

I see my Dr. again in a couple weeks and will talk to him about it, but I’m curious as to what you all have taken for nausea, or was there anything you may have done that seemed to help.


Meclizine works for me when I get motion sick from the imbalance/dizziness. 25mg/24hr is all I need. The next day it makes me feel motion sick, though, so I either wait it out or end up taking another. Promethazine has helped, but I took it only twice.

My neurologist prescribed Zofran (ondansetron), and I hear it is very good, but I’ve not yet tried it. You should ask your Dr about it if you haven’t tried it yet. There is even a dissolving tablet form, but I’ve heard it is quite expensive.

I don’t think Metoclopramide is helpful for motion sickness.

By the way, I suffer from similar nausea – pretty bad and lasts all day, sometimes for a wk at a time.

Good luck and let us know what your Dr’s find out.

Thanks Wave

My nausea lately is so bad I’m sure I’m going to trow up but I don’t. Other times it’s just a constant upset stomach-car sick feeling.

Thanks for the advise though, I will ask about the Zofran.


Meclizine does nothing for me. The only thing I have found to help the nausea is Zofran.

I am nauseous quite frequently- often throughout the day. I use warm packs on my stomach (at work and at home since I work in a physical therapy dept). For meds I use Tigan or domperidone. I have used other meds in the past after surgeries but I can’t remember their names. :frowning: I vomit often, but that is gradually decreasing in frequency. I also drink ginger tea during the day. I generally only drink water or herbal tea. The warm tea tends to settle my stomach.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Nausea has always been huge for me as well. I actually believe it was really my first symptom that showed up when I was little. Not really with car rides, just a general nausea!!! Anyway, when I landed in the hospital with a huge MAV attack,(at that time was dx with VN, but that wasn’t the case) I was given Tigan to stop the nausea and vomiting. Since then this is what I use most of the time. I use the 300mg dose and take as needed. I like it, because it absolutely takes the nausea away as well as I have NO side effects from it. I hate being nauseas, so I keep this in my purse as well as on my night stand. Sometimes just a bit of Pepto Bismal will work and I have now learned when to take which for my nausea!!! I have also found that heartburn is part of my migraine symptom, so the tigan seems to help with that as well.
Ask your doc about Tigan.
Good Luck and keep us posted.