Help Needed!

I’m wondering if I am suffering from vestibular migraines - or if someone knows what this could be…

  • Vertigo (lasts for a few days then goes away then comes back - mostly felt when moving head. Zero balance or coordination issues.)
  • Nausea (usually when I have the vertigo.)
  • Ear pain, both ears but distorted and extreme sensitive hearing in right ear.
  • Neck pain
  • Forhead headaches - very rarely and seperate from vertigo attacks
  • Pain at the base of my skull (worried about a tumour there)
  • Eyes going out of focus when I try and look distant. I had this for about a week and it stopped, now my eyes are doing it again.

I have great days where it feels like nothing is wrong and then I have awful days like today where the vertigo is awful and I feel like throwing up.

Please guys if anyone out there can help me please do. I’m so afraid.

Hi Kristin,
Sorry to hear you’re feeling both unwell and scared. You’ve come to a good place here because we can all sympathise with you. I want to reassure you that all the symptoms you’re feeling are common to vestibular migraine, including the pain at the base of your neck. Do you have a history (or family history) of migraine?
Have you had any success in getting a diagnosis from your doctor? I suggest asking for a referral to a specialist (neurologist or neuro-otologist) who is familiar with migraine. Many of us on this site have spent months/years searching for a diagnosis as there are so many gps and other doctors out there who have very little knowledge of migraine and all its peculiarities. The sooner you can find someone to diagnose and treat you the better. Where do you live? You’ll probably be able to find recommendations for a good specialist on this site, depending on where you live.
In the meantime, have a really good browse through the site as there is so much good information here. I suggest starting with the Vestibular Migraine Survival Guide 2014 (under General Discussion/Announcements), and for anyone new here, I always recommend reading the papers by UK specialist Dr Nicholas Silver (find those under Board Index/Information Vault/Audio, Video & Presentations) as he explains chronic migraine and all its manifestations incredibly thoroughly in language that is easy to understand.
I wish you luck. Let us know how you go.