Help please guys... Do I have MAV?

Hi… I want to try and get an idea of what you guys think regarding the issues I’ve been facing over the past 3 months and whether you think they are MAV / vestibular Migraine. Any insightful advice would be really appreciated.
Day to day by far my most troubling symptom is constant woozy, warping, lightheadness sensation in my head. It is more pronounced when I stand or move about and also becomes more pronounced when I have to talk to someone, or anything even remotely stressful is going on. I call it ‘brain lag’, because when I move my head its as if it takes my brain a few split seconds to catch up with the actual movement of my head! I also get periods of real brain fog that seems to just come out of nowhere. When the brain fog hits I find it hard to think, everything is a real effort. I also keep getting periods of the day where I feel completely exhausted… regardless of having had a decent amount of sleep. But I also have periods of repeated yawning when not feeling particularly tired.
I also get periods of tighness and sensations around the back of my head and pain in my neck.
All of this started following a week where I had a number of hemiplegic migraines and various aura symptoms, including dizziness. I know having said that it sounds obvious that it’s migraine related; however during the week I was getting migraines at the start of all this I really started to freak out. I had only ever had a handfull of isolated migraine days in my life before… never ones day after day. So I did the probably stupid thing of getting online and reading up and almost immediately convinced myself I was going to have ongoing migraine issues from that point forward. Well it may have been a cruel coincidence that I was actually starting out on a life with MAV, but that is exactly what has happened ever since!
Just to quickly say, I have no real light sensitivity, no true vertigo, no spin attacks, etc that I know the majority of you guys seem to get.
Anyway sorry for the long post, but any good insight from you guys here would be genuinely appreciated. Thank you in advance - Steve.

MAV is a condition defined by its symptoms - if you match up you have MAV. Check the list in the Wiki.

But note, obviously you should seek a physician to get an official diagnosis.

I think @flutters put it well: it’s also a diagnosis of exclusion - after they’ve given you a thorough going over and ensured you don’t have any of the other major categories.

MAV is a diagnosis of exclusion as was stated. If you’ve been recently worked up for other problems (MRI, etc) and cleared, it probably is migraine. You say you already have a diagnosis of hemiplegic migraine which is rare in and of itself. You may have had a pattern change as I did. Migraine with aura once or twice every 3yrs then BAM (lol-literally… basilar artery migraines appeared daily). Make sure to rule out the scary and treatable stuff.
That said, in addition to other symptoms, I was having these weird head rush pressure things in my temples and ears when I stood up with my recent relapse. Hearing was muffled for several seconds and horrible head pressure. My bp was elevated for unknown reason. All tests normal. After treating as migraine related, this has gone away. Bp can rise with migraine activity- that is known. I personally believe this symptom was caused by migraine. The Dr’s had no other explanation and it’s gone, and my bp is down.

Look at migraine triggers that came before your hemiplegic migraines flared up. Did u have a head or neck injury? Hormone fluctuation? Diet change? Many times one can find their triggers…

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While chronic tiredness is definitely a thing when you’re having any vestibular symptoms, my gut is telling me that you need a full blood workup first (you didn’t mention any doctor visit, plus the yawning even with enough sleep), then a neurology visit if all checks out. You could have sleep apnea, or something else, too. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

You can read the below page as well and draw your own conclusion

I agree with chronic, a full work up is in order for you, while chronic tiredness is common with all vestibular conditions (since your brain has to take over for a portion of your balance it normally doesn’t have to), I mean anything from low.blood sugar, b12 deficiency, chronic fatigue syndrome could accompany that, VM is a diagnosis of exclusion of other conditions