HELP! S.O.S calling all past users of sandomigran/Pizotifen

Hey everyone, I went to fill a script today for sandomigran and my chemist was out of stock, they advised me there was a national shortage and the wait will be months. I went to two other chemists and rang 20 other chemists and they were all out too. I also checked all online pharmacies but they were out of stock. I only had enough for tonight and that was it! I remembered my Aunty used to take sandomigran so rang her up desperate to see if she had any leftovers, she did but only enough to last me until Tuesday. So I’m wishing on my lucky stars that any members here would have and be willing to send me any leftover sandomigran where they trialled it and for whatever ever reason didn’t continue taking it and have some just sitting in their medicine cabinet.

The worry and anxiousness of not having it is making me so scared and dizzy of course. Please oh please anyone, I really need your help. I’m on 4 tablets a night and I’m sooooooooo scared as I don’t even have enough to taper down.

Please guys, I don’t know what l’ll do without it. Please message me if you can help and I can arrange postage costs, reimbursement for the Sandomigran and a thank you gift. Thank you so much for your time.

I’m sorry this is happening. I wish I could help. I had a close shave about my sibelium script last week. I know how worried I felt.

I hope it works out.

Thankyou so much Merle for your kind words and well wishes. No one has been able to help me yet, I’m checking on here multiple times an hour in hopes someone has messaged me, but unfortunately nothing so far. I’ll be ringing chemists in different states next. Thanks again.

Dear Krystal.

First of all, I’m really sorry you are going through this. Don’t panic. Try to think. There’s a drug called Periactin that’s supposed to be very similar to Pizotifen. I wonder if you can check with your doctor and if this is indeed the case, get a script for it in the mean time.

Secondly, I don’t think any stranger will be able to offer you help since it is illegal to share prescriptions drugs ( at least in the USA). I’ve quite a lot of Sandomigran that I don’t use and looked up to see if I can send them to you, but it’s illegal, as I said. Plus, I’m all the Way in the USA so I think you would not get it for quite a while. Regardless, it’s not an option due to the legality problem, I so wish that Sandomigran could be used to help you, I wish I could help.
3. You might be able to find it through online pharmacies. I don’t know what country you are in - it’s over the counter in some countries, btw, such as in Turkey. So I wonder what the closest market to you would be for expedited shipping.
My advice would be try to see how you can purchase it online at this point, I doubt one of the forum members here can help due to the legality issues ( unless they are in a country where it’s not illegal to share).
I’ve said a prayer for you, and hope you can resolve this asap.


Asli thanks so much for your prayers and reply.

Good luck to any other users in Australia of sandomigran one pharmacy said March before they get more.

Perhaps the more kosher favour to ask, is if anyone in Australia does successfully fill their sandomigran script could you please let me know. I’ll make the road trip or even fly to a pharmacy with it in stock. Thanks again.

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Good luck, Krystal.

I’m not familiar with the market there, but is it worth checking if there are any online ordering options from abroad? Many Canadian pharmacies carry it. I almost got mine that way at the time. There are some very reliable ones out there. Here is the page for one:

There are many others. Remember, the legitimate ones will always ask for a prescription. They ship faster if the doctor’s office calls with the pres. than if you fax it , by the way. Incidentally, the page I sent you says product is from New Zealand. Can you access a pharmacy in New Zealand directly if that’'d be faster?
I sincerely hope you’ll manage to get it in your hands soon. Please give the online ordering or looking into calling a NZ pharmacy a try.


Thank you so much for looking that up for me Asli, but I’ve already researched online chemists and all of them seem not accept prescriptions issued outside their country. I’m going to keep searching though.

Hi Krystal,

Not to get my nose in your business, but see this from FAQ :

What country can you accept prescriptions from?
Canada Drugs is able to accept prescriptions written by a licensed prescriber from any country in the world. Narcotic and Controlled medicines cannot be shipped internationally despite physician license. As is standard policy, Canada Drugs will verify through many different means the licensure of the prescriber with local regulatory authorities in that country before filling the prescription.

Some of the more popular countries that Canada Drugs accepts prescriptions from are:
United States of America
Great Britain
New Zealand
…and many more.

Just letting you know. I promise I won’t push this issue, just trying to help :).

Wow thanks for your time looking into that I just read the disclaimer down the bottom of their home page and didn’t search further. I found a small rural town pharmacy out the back of whoop whoop that had 1 bottle of sandomigran left so made the road trip to get it. It’s such a huge relief. Thank you so so so much for your efforts its always good to know I have a backup. I fly to Sydney next month so will be bringing my script with me in hopes of finding more. Thanks again Asli

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That’s a relief! Thanks for sharing.

Best wishes,

Hi there,

Not to distract from the original posters convo but can I ask how you got Sandomigran in the USA? I thought it was only a drug in the UK/Canada etc as it’s not FDA approved yet. I’d really like to try it but I don’t know how since I’m in Michigan.

Thank you.


I ordered it from overseas. You can buy them through Canadian pharmacies online as long as you have a prescription. I saw a very old ENT who suggested it to me and gave me the script.

Looks like a few bottles are still floating around Sydney. After going into 3 pharmacies, on the third I lucked out and bought the last 2 bottles at soul Pattinson Pitt street. So I have enough to last 50 days now. Phew what a huge relief, and with the pharmacist’s advice I went out and bought myself a lottery ticket. But didn’t win, boo, ha.

Hopefully new stock comes in before then.