Help! Vision jumping

Does anyone know about this symptom? I don’t know if I have MAV or not. I’m waiting on a specialist appointment to see about superior canal dehiscence as my CT scan showed very thin bone in my canal and my tinnitus was making my eyes bounce around in time with the clicking.
Anyone here heard of such a thing? I had a bad migraine that seemed to trigger vertigo and then left me feeling bad for three years straight. I can’t stop my eyes bouncing around. They do stop but sometimes for only a few minutes and then start again for 30 to 60 seconds before the next few minutes break. I then got tinnitus and it was a clicking noise in my ear. With the clicks came the vision bouncing and shaking in time to the clicks. When the clicks stop the vision stabilizes until the next bunch of clicks start again in about 2 minutes or so. Finally the tinnitus went as it was getting so loud it was making it hard to hear anything. It was in the ear with the dehiscence and I haven’t had tinnitus for a few months now but my vision still shakes and bounces off and on making me feel off balance and dizzy. Sometimes it can be very violent and then I get vertigo. I get sudden jolts like someone hit me in the side of the head - not a pain or a noise just a thump sensation adn then my eyes bounce for a few minutes. Very horrible! That’s the worst so thankfully I odn’t have that symptom every day - just the vision bouncing around and can’t seem to hold my eyes still.
First got diagnosed last year with Superior oblique myokymia when the doc saw my eye wobbling and twisting. So thought it was the nerve in my eye jumping. Then the tinnitus came and he said that must be wrong and sent me to ENT who has found the dehiscence - not actually as no hole there but thin bone as I understand it.
So I don’t know if this is MAV or symptoms from the SCDS. The symptoms are very similar in both. I really need to figure this out as I woul dhave the operation for the dehiscence but having my head opened up and my tiny brain exposed to the world is a big deal and a dangerous operation so I need to be sure that the symptoms are from the dehiscence or thin bone and not from the migraines. I do get migraines and have done for years but also people with SCDS have a high incidence of migraine!!! Confusion! I don’t know.
Anyone at all here with MAV who can relate to the vision jumping, bouncing up and down and shaking off an on itermittently? I can’t say I can associate it for sure with sound as sometimes I feel it is sound doing it but other times sound doesn’t make my eyes shake at all so I’m thoroughly confused. EEEK! :shock:

Hey there, sorry to hear about ur bad experiences, I have bouncy vision but only with words on tv or computer and if the words r lighter than the background, for example when white words on a black background the words go upwards from the actual word, I’ve had my eyes check by an eye doctor and they couldn’t explain it, I’m just taking this symptom as part of mav I hope u feel better soon

I have bouncing vision, which bounces in time with my heart beat. The consultant said this is pulsatile oscillopsia. I don’t really notice it all that much (although it is there all the time, if I concentrate on looking at a horizontal line I can see it moving up and down), unless I have a migraine coming on when it gets a lot worse. I also react to loud sounds, e.g. when I had my MRI scan my eyes were jumping up and down really badly (I can’t normally feel my eyes moving with the pulsatile thing as it’s so slight) every time the machine banged.
My consultant said this can be a symptom of migraine, or of inner ear damage. I’m not sure if I have both things going on (I also have had BPPV) or whether it’s all down to the migraine.