Help with a supplement

Can someone help me with the ingredients in this? … 35&cid=143

I dont want to order it if it has any funny stuff in it lol.

Hi JimmyC

I don’t know about the additional ingredients, but I think you can find a more pure formula, with less additives, if you search a little bit more. I take a magnesium supplement made by Twinlab. The additives are fewer and I know what they are!

Here’s a link I found (I don’t know this vendor) … agpspn=pla

Good luck!


Katheen, the Twinlab magnesium supplement I saw had magnesium aspartate as a lesser ingredient. Do you do okay with aspartame, or is there just a low enough concentration in your supplement that it doesn’t bother you?



Thanks I am in the UK though lol. Anybody in the UK who can suggest the best place for this?

Jimmy, your magnesium is from oxide. Studies show for migraine its best to use Magnesium Citrate. Not sure if you have GNC where you are, but the company NOW has magnesium citrate powder… NO Added ingredients. They also have a capsule form with little ingredients that go into making the capsule. I have done well with these.



I didn’t know they were related! I don’t eat anything with aspartame in it, so I have no idea if I react to it. Thanks for the heads up tho. :slight_smile:

Kayera, I have heard that magnesium citrate is better, like calcium citrate is, but that we do not absorb enough elemental magnesium when we use citrate. Cannot begin to remember where I read that. What studies are you referring to, if you don’t mind my asking?


Katherine, thanks for the response.

If the magnesium hasn’t given evidence of screwing you up, either aspartame doesn’t mess you up, doesn’t mess you up in that amount, or aspartate is enough different (I’d be surprised by that).

Until I’d experimented with citrus–lemon and orange don’t seem to bother me, yay–I avoided citrates as well as the fruits and juices (and marmalade, to my additional regret).

Thanks David, for the reply.

I miss marmalade :frowning:

Hope when I try reintroducing it, it will turn out not to be a trigger.


I just saw this sorry for the delay. I dont remember where I got the info, as it was months ago and I have been taking it ever since. But has several articles about it, and I found this on one of the sites for migraines. Notice that the type of magnesium in this study was magnesium citrate. I’ve always recommended the “ate” types of magnesium, such as citrate, because they tend to be better absorbed.

I forgot to add earlier that glycolanate maybe even better. I know the spelling is off, sorry no type to check. I do remember also that Oxide was the least favorable one for migraine.