Help with sleeping positions

Hi, I have been dealing with Mav for about 11/2 years now where my symptoms are daily. I have been improving, but have much difficulty finding a sleeping position. Lying horizontal provokes spinning, sometimes left side is better than right, lately I sleep on my back semi upright, but it is wrecking my neck. Any suggestions or pearls of wisdom for sleep.Thanks.
Kathy Reo

Kathy…i no longer have Vertigo symptoms with the exception of a half spin maybe once a year and if i were to stop my diet…that could bring back some vertigo. But when things were really intense back in the 1990’s and i was having many vertigo episodes i use to double up on the pillows when sleeping. I found that my left side was more vulnerable that the right side. At the beggining of this mess (1992)…when i look back you would have thought i had Benign Positional Vertigo but at that time i had never heard of it before. I did not find out about that condition till a few years later. Sometimes i wonder if i initially had a touch of BPPV and it evolved into MAV? I had one epley maneurer but it did not helpl me.


Before my vertigo faded out of the picture I couldn’t sleep on either side; however, my right seemed to be worse than my left. I also had to prop my mattress up about ~10 inches … couldn’t sleep lying flat.

Hi Joy,
Thanks for the reply. My left side is usually worse, very hard to be flat, I use multiple pillows, I almost cocoon myself still so as not to move. What helped your vertigo fade away? I have such a stiff neck in the morning from my sleeping position.

I always sleep with two pillow propped up and roll a towel or something under my neck to keep it from getting a crick in it. Don’t sleep flat at all …just makes everything worse.

Plus I have a fan by my bed to have some breeze blowing on me at all times. Sleep on my right side since the left has always been my problem.

If I fall asleep on my side then roll onto my back, this brings on the vertigo, I tried it out several times in a year and decided it was a no no for me. I always sleep on my back propped up with 3 pillows, the top one is a feather one which I crunch round my neck so my head cant fall even slightly to the left or right, if it does, I can wake with vertigo. I have slept like this for over 15 years now.

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…What helped your vertigo fade away? I have such a stiff neck in the morning from my sleeping position…Kathy

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Honestly I don’t know what made the vertigo go away. I was on a low dose of Valium for about six months & that helped a lot. Toward the end of the six months my periods of vertigo were less frequent then simply didn’t happen anymore. (Not saying the Valium cured the vertigo … just not sure what was going on.)

I did have a ‘blip’ of vertigo a couple weeks ago (while still on Topamax) but it went away & I haven’t had anymore since. I think the vertigo was the most horrible aspect of this whole thing. It came on all of a sudden without warning & would totally disable me. Then I’d be worn out & usually get sick & the rest of my day was pretty well shot. I don’t miss it at all!