Herbal tea

Im just wOndering if anyone drinks herbal tea which is naturally caffiene free without any problems? I really miss hot drinks and am considering decaf coffee but thought I might try herbal tea first. Thanks!

I drink decaffeinated green tea as well as chamomille - they don’t bother me at all. Not the same as my morning coffee though! :frowning:

All kinds of herbal. Last night I mixed linden and peppermint, but I’ll slurp close to whatever.

The closest (note that I didn’t call it “close”) to black tea probably is redbush/rooibos. Some day I may even try adding bergamot to it, to remind myself–perhaps!–of earl gray.


Scott tipped me off ages ago that redbush (rooibush) is very like regular tea but caffeine free. I have been drinking it for ages with milk and once habituated to it, it tastes exactly the same as tea. Well it does to me. I also drink fruit teas sometimes. I couldn’t live without a hot drink and don’t think there’s any reason migraine wise not to have them unless they’re coffee/caffeinated tea or hot chocolate. Beware of green tea _ I was under the illusion this was caffeine free until someone put me right. Although I think you can prob get this caffeine free too.


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Redbush Redbush Vanilla Twinings Spiced Ginger Teeccino!
More recommended teas here

On a plane Sunday, when the flight attendant asked my pleasure, I got a cuppa hot water.
Worked well enough.

Hi am new here and UK based. Just starting out on the HYH diet and struggling to find an alternative for my two cups of tea a day. I don’t like chamomile tea and all others seem to contain citrus. Anyone found a good alternative in the UK shops? Thanks

Tea is no problem at all, just use Rooibos (Redbush) which is naturally caffeine-free.

Both or these are in UK:

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