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Here’s to a positive 2020

I’ve spent some time looking at some of the historical threads and personal diaries.
I’m in awe at the strength of many on here.
Here’s wishing everyone A positive symptom free 2020 - here’s hoping :crossed_fingers:


I second that! :tada:I am so grateful for this forum and the friends I’ve made here.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: May 2020 be a year of intense healing for all of us :raised_hands:t2:


Yes!!! Praying for this 2020 to be filled with healing and progress for all of us


Wishing everyone a healthy, beautiful 2020 and an excellent new decade! MAV has made us stronger, helped to get to know ourselves, learn what we are capable of, and now it can **** off :laughing:
Thanks to everyone in this supportive community.


Happy New Year to everyone! I’ve been suffering MAV/PPPD for 13 months and only been on this forum a very short time but have received so many kind messages of love and support. Without you all, I would have ended up in a very bad place indeed.

I sincerely hope we all have a healthier and better year!