Here's a weird fact for you ....

… we seem to have a spike of new users joining the site every April!

Go figure!

Weather changes perhaps?

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Yup could be. Most interesting! Three years it’s happened!

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Shouldn’t you be in bed already?


That IS interesting. Yes, maybe weather. Springtime brings both pollen (allergies) as well as rain (barometric changes).

Yep - April was when mine started!

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Mine started May 6th 2015…so around the same time…but i had 6 months of chronic daily headache prior to the MAV
Jo x

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Well mine started early November what seems like a million years ago now that was the episodic version. The chronic kicked in early December 2014. The GP did say it was something to do with the shortened winter days! But no need to take heed of that. Nothing else she’s ever said about this dizziness hasnt been right so why should that be!

Strangely enough locally there’s been several bouts of plp developing what they were told was labrynthitis two years running seven cases in fact (some one rang me and asked if I knew it was infectious) and that was April/May time both times.

Of course stats can be used to prove alot of things. Is April individual’s MAV symptom start date or just when they decided to join up. I joined April. Helen

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